The Guy Next Door (LastMann Fanfic) (continued)

The guy next door the first story just continued!!

This is a story about a girl that just moved into and apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans!!

What will happen!!


3. Chapter 11: Going to a different store!

Since we couldn't go to the mall we decided to go to JC Penny and Macy's for the stuff that we want to wear for the party tonight!

I mean were still going just gotta look good asf!! I can't wait to show off.

Anyways we got to JC Penny and Adym held onto my hand didn't let go! We walked in and Adym went with me only to pick out what to wear and he went into the dressing room with me! We found the perfect outfit! It was skin tight black body con dress that came up above my knees a little! Then we found a half denim jacket to wear on top of it and it had red roses on the back of it! Then I bought a pair of black heels that were all opened and they were velvet! Lastly we got a pair of black sunglasses and now it's Adym's turn!

We went to the men's section cause I mean my guy is a man not a little boy! And I found it the perfect outfit! It was a white polo shirt with a denim jacket.Then it had a pair of black skinny jeans and he's gonna wear his black yeezy's! And then I'm doing his hair!

We then went to Macy's for whatever else we needed! Then we went to my apartment/house to watch a movie until 5:30! Then get ready for tonight!

What will happen tonight?!

Is there even a party!?

Find out next in Austin's Party!!

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