my tomboy life

hey im sarah and im a tomboy no one ever wants to go out with me their just scared if they dump me their jaw is gonna get broken typical me i sing do horse stuff animal stuff i play lots of sports.....


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hey im sarah and im a tomboy and the only girl who can break a mans jaw in the school......yea i also have a farm im a senior in high school with my 5 other brothes no girls in the fam all boys mom died when i was 5 my sister died of cancer at 8 and my dad got in a car accident and died of blood lost  i have 9 dogs 9 horses and one pony 19 hens and 1 rooster 10 goat 18 sheep 7 lambs 4 cows and 1 bull 2 cats male and female 1 donkey 1 mule some ducks and thats all. ON TO THE STORY


ahh the fresh air of saturday the freedom of the weekend finaly here 1 month left oh school YAAAAS

i jumped out of bed seeing my bros hunter,gunter,eric,cory and ben woke up aleready ''BOYS CLEAN THE ROOM'' i yelled running down the stairs ''we cant now'' i looked at them and took my plate ''when your done and im not helping'' they all nodded and ran upstairs when they where done ''did you feed the animals eric'' i said eric was the oldest ''nope too lazy'' i put my shoes on and ran outside 

i took the hay and walked to the horses giving them all half a bale of hay ''hey spike,hey shadow,hey buddy,hey gost,hey buster,hey madeline,hey giddy,hey chief,hey swift-king'' i said giving them all their hey swift-king was my horse madeline was my sisters buddy was my dads giddy wass my moms . chief is erics , gost is  gunters,shadow is corys,gost is bens and spike is hunters 

i walked over to tatto our black and white pony and gave him his hay ''hey tats '' he lifted his head so i could pet him i remember teaching jane(my little sister) ride him for the first time when she was 3 i singhed and fed the other animals


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