Help needed

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  • Published: 16 Jun 2017
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2017
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A story I wrote related to some schoolwork.
To teenage boys are trapped at sea for five days with no food, no water, only themselves and their thoughts.


1. Help needed


Have you ever felt lost, like really lost? I have.

On the third day I woke up to the sound of a screaming seagull, it was just flying casually over us with no care in the world.

We were both laying on the hard cold floor, totally exhausted from last night. I didn’t want to  move, I didn’t want to see the sea, even though i could feel it. I could feel everything, the way the waves hit the hardwood, the wind blowing through my hair, even my body felt like.. Thirsty. Oh, water. Sweet, sweet water. Just the thought about it made me cringe my toes. I don't know about Jack, but i was thirsty. I think the issue was that I last night vomited so much, that I already was extremely dehydrated at that point. The sea have never been my friend, I had always hated being out there.

But not Jack, no Jack have always been fascinated by it. Sometimes he wouldn’t stop talking about it. He really did love it.

I could feel jack was waking up next to me, he let out a little yawn before sitting up in the boat. He looked scared and confused, like he hoped that it all was a terrible bad dream or nightmare. Then he looked down at me, and his scared and confused face turned concerned. He have this really expressive face, he can't really hide any emotions even though he is trying so hard. I think that is one of the things I always have loved about him, that he never can hide anything for me.

He gave me a little nod and a cheeky smile, even at one of the worst times in our lives, he just smiled and never seemed to lose hope.

´Is it just me, or are you also dying for a drink..?` Jack said.

´maybe just one or two´ I jokingly responded.

He stood up, and his already weak body was shaking slightly, he looked at the horizon and took a deep breath. The day was long and not many words was exchanged. One of the only signs of life we saw that day, was the annoying little seagull.

Actually we named him, Spem In Allium, the latin words for hope in another, because if we ever would make it, we had to believe in each other.

Throughout the third day the sun baked us, and the only form of relief we had was the small dips in the salty water. But of course that didn’t last long either. Bull sharks, tiger sharks, black tip sharks etcetera, started to show up and cirkel us.

They say that sharks are just misunderstood creatures, and they won’t attack unless provoked, that is a big lie. They are really aggressive, persistent and violent, well at least when they’re hungry. I have never seen a shark been torn apart and eaten by another shark, well not before that day. Have you ever seen the way a drop of blood can color water?

Even though it’s terrifying and nauseating, it's kind of beautiful. It´s like it dances through the water, and disappears into nothing, it becomes part of the world in a whole new way.

´Who do you miss the most? Your mom, sister or father? - asked jack

He hadn’t said a word for hours, and the sound of his voice somehow startled me. I looked up at him, and his pale face was looking down into the water. He looked so fragile and vulnerable.

´uhh, i haven’t really thought about that. What about you? Who do you miss?´

´My mom, I miss my mom. We had a fight right before I left. It was stupid, so pointless´. A tear started to roll down his face, but was quickly removed with a swift hand. The sun was going down slowly, and the beautiful red and yellow colors was reflecting in the soft but steady waves. He finally looked up at me and gave me a short, but powerful smile. But then his face changed… he looked terrified, and tears started to roll down his sunburned face again. His eyes was firmly placed on the horizon, and I don't think he blinked once. He started to scream, scream and scream, I have never heard something so utterly  horrifying. Even ´Spem In Allium´, who was sitting on the reeling, looked confused. But then he began trying to jump into the wild lukewarm water, while screaming his mothers name. I barely got to him in time, if I hadn't got a hold of his shirt and pulled him back into the boat, I don't think he would be here this day.

My best friend, who I have know since we were two, almost died there. He was hallucinating his mother, and to be honest I saw mine more than once that day.

We fell asleep in each others arms that night,  covered in the single wetsuit we had.

I don't really remember the fourth day, but I know we didn’t eat, and all we got to drink was a little saltwater. Extremely stupid, I know, but people do crazy things when they are desperate. Pour Jack was so sunburned at that point, his skin was beginning to peel of and so were mine. He was laying up against me with his head on my shoulders, and i could feel a warm tear hit me.

´Are you mad at me? ´said Jack. He sounded so… apologizing.

´Why should I be mad at you??´ I replied. I looked down at him, and he looked up. Even our voices was being affected by the dehydration, and it all came out as a whisper.

´Why could I EVER be mad at you? You are my best friend, and I would literally die for you´.

He looked almost shocked by my outburst.

´Rioooooooiiiiihhhhhhihhhhhhh´, that little shitty bird. ´Spem In Allium, more like shitty avis´. Jack looked really confused at me. ´what the heck did you just say?´. I smiled at him ´Look it up when we get home´.

That was the first time in four days we laughed, like really laughed. But then laughter turned into tears, well A tear. It rolled down my face and entered my dry mouth, I have never tasted a tear as salty as that one.

The fifth day when I woke up, the sky was blue, the water was still, and there weren't any sharks circling us anymore. Even the little seagull was sleeping on the other end of the boat. It was very quiet and peaceful, and am sure I would have enjoyed more if it wasn't for our situation.

And that is when I saw it, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

A ship called ´i elegir la vida´.





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