A bunch of Superwholock AU based off of ideas I found on Pinterest that I am putting to words. Each Oneshots will have a picture to go with it


1. He Wasn't a Fake

The news was everywhere. All over the world. The Winchester's had just woken up in their Bunker and were looking for a case. Sam was on his computer when the big headline "Suicide of Fake Genius". Sam read through the article before showing Dean "You need to read this" Sam said, handing Dean the laptop.

Dean frowned, taking the laptop "What is it a case?" He asked.

Sam looked at him "It's Sherlock" he said walking away from his brother.

Dean sat at the table reading the article intently. After a couple of minutes Dean let out a gasp. "This isn't right." He whispered sitting back.

Sam looked at him "Yeah, it sucks doesn't? I mean he didn't look like he was faking everything right?"

Dean looked at him "Of course he wasn't faking it! This is Sherlock. Yeah he is a uncontrolled asshole, but he wouldn't commit suicide." He said.

Sam looked at Dean "There's nothing we can do about it now Dean."

Dean shook his head "Actually there is..." he said and looked at Sam

Sam frowned "Dean no. He's half way across the galaxy, he isn't going to pick up."

Dean sighed "I have to try Sam. You don't think that there is something weird about all this? We knew Sherlock, Sammy. He was a pain in the ass but he wasn't a fake." Dean sighed "I think we need to get the Doc in on this."

Dean walked over to his phone and unlocked it. Scrolling through his phone contacts he looked for the Doctor's contact. He sighed before pressing the call button.

It took three rings for an answer "Dean, my boy! What can I do for you?" He asked in his British accent.

"It's Sherlock Doc. We need your help" He said.

Doctor took three seconds to arrive at the bunker. It took even less time for Dean and Sam to enter the TARDIS for their trip to London.

The trip wasn't the worst part to Dean but when he exited the TARDIS to see John Watson's heartbroken face. Dean and John hugged quickly before John saw the Doctor. "John I'm-" the doctor started

"Sherlock's dead." John interrupted "He fell and ended up bloody on the floor." The Doctor quickly adverted his eyes. "But you were too busy gallivanting around the universe to save him weren't you?"

Dean looked at the Doctor who wasn't looking at anyone. No one said anything for a long time.

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