The Contract Chronicles

Follow the story of Dia and the human she is contracted to, Ren, as they fight off a group that wants them dead. Watch they uncover a sinister plot of betrayal and revenge as the duo travel through life and loss to a bittersweet ending.


1. Prologue

She sat on a branch, high above Ren, looking down at him with a smile. She was perched on the second highest branch of an old oak tree, in the Forest of Life. Which is ironic since the Forest of Life is inhabited by demons.

It happened as Ren was exploring the forest. He usually never went more than a few feet in, but today, he had the misfortune of being spotted by a flesh eating Ogre. Normally Ren would run straight back home and let the guards handle the demon, but this one larger than your average Ogre. Seeing as how the village looses anywhere between two to three men every time a demon attacks, Ren decides to run deeper into the Forest. Now this seemed like a really good idea at the time, then the boy was being chased by other demons that wanted a little snack, and Ren realized just how stupid his idea had been. Of course, to make matters worse, he just had to trip over a tree root, causing him to face plant into the ground. Ouch.

At the sound of giggling, Ren whips his head up to see a girl with silver hair and ivory skin sitting in the very same tree whose root he tripped over. Lucky him.

"Do you wish to enter a contract with me?" She asked with a mischievous voice. Her yellow eyes glittered in the afternoon light of the Forest.

The savage demons caught up to Ren in this moment. They stood staring at him and they girl in the tree with starving eyes. Ren was starting to wish he had climbed a tree instead of running.

Again the girl spoke, "I can save you, but only if we are contracted."

What was surprising, was the fact that the demons weren't trying to eat Ren right now. They were glaring at the girl, and that perplexed the youth. 

"Last time I'll ask before releasing my spell on them." She motioned towards the demons, who were completely unmoving. "Do you wish to enter a contract with me?"

Ren looked back to the demons one last time, they were starting to move, suggesting that whatever spell they were under was undone.

Ren turned back to the girl and held up his hand. With an exasperated cry he yelled, "Help me!"

The girl's eyes slitted like a fox's as she jumped down from the tree. She landed without a sound, white locks flowing around her body as a light exploded from her front. Ren had to turn away so he wasn't blinded. When he finally looked back, the demons were no where in sight. In their place were scorch marks, the only indication that they had once existed.

Looking at the girl who had saved him he noticed that she was, in fact, not a girl, but a demon herself. She had five white tails, a pair of fox ears, and she wore a white kimono. She was a demon fox spirit.

The five tailed being turned to Ren, the blue fox fire dying in her hand, and said, "My name is Dia of the Fox clan, and you are now mine."

When Ren had finally returned home to his bed, he noticed a small insignia of a fox's head with five tails round it, of the left side of his chest. He really did belong to the demon fox now.

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