The Pain of Love

A lost, broken girl. Her life is shattered into pieces, her heart broken with some missing pieces. A popular, kind boy, he has everything anyone ever dreamt of. What happens when they collide? Will he be the one putting the shattered pieces together and mend the broken heart as well as go and find the missing pieces? Or will he be the one walking away, leaving her more broken than ever? A book of love, heartbreaks, and tears.
They say, leave your past the past, move on and maybe forget about it.

What happens when it comes back to haunt you?


6. Text Messages


ME: Hi,

CHRIS: Pick u up at 7?

ME: K, um, what r we watching?

CHRIS: The Mummy,

ME: Sounds exciting,

CHRIS: Gtg, get ready, picking u up in 30,

ME: Ok, bye




After the convo ended, I drove myself to the dresser and start picking out clothes, took me not long before I picked out a suitable outfit, black skinny ripped jeans, and black singlet-crop top. Yep, that's me, black, all day, every day. 


"Autumn!" My mom called from downstairs,


"Your boyfriend's here!" I jumped, what the...


" He's not my bo-" I walked down the stairs, reaching the bottom I saw Chris,


My mom winked at me and shoved me outside,


" You too have fun! " She said,


She leaned into me and whispered,


"Use protection if you're doing it!"


" MUM!" I looked at her, shocked eyed, she chuckled before closing the door,


" Sorry about that,"


He didn't say anything and just smiled and eyed me head to toes


" God damn, you look..."


" Terrible, I know."




I blushed as he lead me to his car, Lambo,


" We're going in this?" I was shocked; I feel underdressed,


" Yep! You wanna drive?"


" Uh, I do not want to crash it, so you can! "


He chuckled before holding the door open for me. Climbing in, I inhale and exhale slowly, it's just going to the movies, right? No big deal!

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