The Pain of Love

A lost, broken girl. Her life is shattered into pieces, her heart broken with some missing pieces. A popular, kind boy, he has everything anyone ever dreamt of. What happens when they collide? Will he be the one putting the shattered pieces together and mend the broken heart as well as go and find the missing pieces? Or will he be the one walking away, leaving her more broken than ever? A book of love, heartbreaks, and tears.
They say, leave your past the past, move on and maybe forget about it.

What happens when it comes back to haunt you?


2. Meeting Chris

We arrived at the shops not so long after, I followed Amanda in and then went to the drink aisle, I pulled open the fridge's door and grabbed the Sprite can, suddenly another hand came in and reached for the same one, we both pulled back,

" Sorry! " We both said in unison

" You take it, " the person said

" No, no, it's ok, you can " I replied, refusing to take it

Apparently, this person doesn't take 'no' for an answer, the person pushed the can into my hand, forcing me to take it. I held it in my hand as the individual reached for another can in the fridge. I looked at the persona nd realize, it was Chirs, the most popular boy in the school, plays basketball, or let say all kind of sports and sometimes skips class, richest boy in school and he's the son of the principal. 

" Hey, you look familiar, have I seen you somewhere? " he asked, observing my face

" Uh... I don't think so..." I said

" Anyways, what's your name? "

"...Autumn..." I muttered I don't think he heard me though

" Nice name, I'm Chris by the way, soz gotta run, catch you later! " He said before running to pay his drink and head out of the store, turning around and wave at me before entering a black Lamborghini.

I smiled quietly and waved back before finding my way back to Amanda, on the way, I picked up some shaving cream and snacks for Jake. Once I found Amanda, she was holding a full basket of...stuff.

" Ah, there you are, where were you? " Amanda asked looking at me before turning back to try and pick out some potatoes.

" Drink aisle met Chris and grabbed a Sprite can. " I said before throwing the stuff in the basket and picked out some good looking potatoes and threw them in the plastic bag.

" Oh thanks, you've always been good with cooking and stuff. By the way, Chris was it? Isn't he the son of the principal at your school? " She asked

" Yeah, he is " I answered her as we went and paid for the stuff.

" Are you sure we need all these things? " I asked, looking at the worker as she scans the item looking bored.

" Duh, we have five people to feed! " She said, raising her eyebrows.

I nodded as we collected the bags and walked home. On our way home, I looked at the trees as leaves start to grow on them, despite how beautiful life is, I just... hate it...

" Hey, earth to Autumn, are listening?? " Amanda asked me, waving her hand over my eyes.

" Oh, sorry, what did you say? " I asked

" Are you joining any club this year? " She asked

I sigh, she asks me this question every year, and she already knows the answer, I don't get what is so fun about joining a club.

" You know the answer, Amanda, " I said, irritated

" Come on Autumn! You should at least join one this year! You have talents; you should show it! All you do is spend time in that stupid studio of yours! " Amanda exclaimed

" It's not stupid Amanda! " I said fiercely looking at her.

" I'm sorry, but you should at least join one! You are an amazing student! You get straight A's for everything, you are the best at sport in school, best in music, let say best in everything! You are better than everyone, but all you do is spend time in that hideous studio! What do you even do in there? " She asked.

" I live in there, Amanda, my life is in that studio. I'm who I am in that studio. " I replied looking at her.

" Um, ok..." She said as an awkward silent fell between us.

I looked at her then back at the road ahead. This year, I'll be in year 11, and I'll be teaching dance to year 7 and 8, ballet and contemporary that is. Then in summer break, I'll be teaching gymnastic to the primary school students. That's probably the only things I'm looking forward to, then I remembered, Chris is doing the same thing but with hip-hop and soccer. I sigh and imagine myself in the studio. I spent breaks there day and night; it's where I live pretty much I play music there like singing, cello, piano, guitar, violin, and dance as well. Then when everyone already left the school, I use the court to play basketball and the tracks to run. The school is my life, I feel the safest there, away from... that person.

We reached home and went inside, Amanda, and I placed the bags down on the table. Jake ran down and grabbed his stuff before running upstairs again, entering his room before slamming the door, making me jump a little.

" Jake! I'm coming up! " Amanda said before storming up the wooden stairs.

I laughed quietly to myself and placed everything in its place before walking upstairs, closing the door. I sat at the edge of the bed and put my hand on my forehead before falling onto the bed, my head, hitting the pillow. Soon, I drifted off to sleep, then, I heard whispers,

" You are ugly; you are worthless, you are unloved, a slut... Tell anyone about the past, and you will pay for it! " 

I sat up quickly and looked around, I expected to see someone, but there was no one in my room. My forehead was covered in sweat, I lied down again and covered my eyes with my arm as tears started rolling down my cheeks, soaking the pillow...

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