Myth: Tribe of Dýr

This is the inbetween story between Myth and Myth: Fractals, it's a story to introduce some characters. There are no spoilers for Myth (Book 1) in this story so don't worry about reading them out of order, it's kind of like a spin-off. You don't have to read this story to understand Book 2 but it's recommended.


2. The Letter

The Letter

“Will, you have a letter! It looks urgent.” Robur said. Will walked out of the bedroom, groggy as Robur handed him the red-enveloped letter. Robur sat on the couch, watching TV, Solomon stood in the kitchen, quickly making breakfast, making loud sounds in his wake.

Will looked at the front of the envelope, nothing is written. On the back, it’s sealed with a white wax seal with a strange symbol. Will quickly tore it open and unfolded the letter,

“Dear Mr. Winters,

                You are cordially invited to the Dýr Gala tonight at 8. Please dress decently, you may bring no one else. Directions are on the back of this letter.

Thank you,


                “Who is Tiren?” Robur asked, looking over Will’s shoulder.

                “I dunno, do you think I should go?”

                “Well, it could be relevant to our current predicament of... you know… they might know where he is!” Robur said, excitedly.

                “Maybe… It’s already 6 o’ clock, I gotta get dressed then.”

                Will rushed into the bedroom, he quickly threw on his dressy attire and brushed his hair while brushing his teeth in front of the bathroom mirror. Robur walked into the bathroom,

                “Are you sure you want to go to this alone? It’s really dark outside…”

                “Well, you saw the letter, it said to go alone and not bring anyone.”

                Will quickly put his toothbrush and hairbrush down and rushed into the living room, his dress shoes clacking on the floor. Robur followed behind until Will stopped and turned to face him, he seemed afraid.

                “I’ll be back, Robur, I promise. I’ll text you or call you if I can.” Will kissed and embraced him temporarily, he pulled away slowly and disappeared in a flash of light.

                Will stood at the location where the letter said, in front of him was the cave it said to enter, a cave nestled deep in the little woods of Ireland. As he entered the cave, a necklace of glass beads was placed on him by an unknown set of hands that seemingly came out of the ceiling. He wanted to reach out and touch them but he thought it pointless. He heard a slam come from farther down in the cave. It was too dark to see anyone or anything besides a faint glow. He walked farther down into the cave towards the faint light farther down the cavern.

When he finally came to the light, it was coming from under a door. The light under the door faded from white to black then quickly back to white again as if someone stepped in front of it. Will gathered his courage and quickly opened the door.


Once he was inside, he looked around, he seemed to be in a hall, large columns extended from both sides of the fancy hallway. Sconce lighting, potted plants, and large windows dotted the hallway much in contrast to the dank cave. When Will turned around to look at the door again, all that was behind him was a blank wall. He stares at the wall, puzzled for a moment before turning back around.

The hallway was long, it seemed to end in a set of double doors. Will thought it was pointless to wait and he might be late for the Gala if he stalls. He dashed hurriedly down the corridor, using a bit of magic to make it on time.

                When he reached the doors, before he could pull the handle, a small panel opened beside the door, a robotic voice spoke.

                “Please swipe beads,” It prompted. Will looked down at his necklace, he forgot he was wearing it. He could now see it in the light, the beads were a rainbow of color, all were perfect circles about a millimeter in diameter. One bead stood out, a large one on the front that had some sort of metal embedded in it. Will removed his necklace and swiped the metal bead in front of the scanner, it whirred and a slot opened, out popped a button. Will loved buttons so he was overjoyed when he saw the button with a strange symbol on it. He clipped it to his jacket, put his necklace back on, and opened the doors.

                As he walked into the room, he noticed the sheer number of people that were now looking at him. It was only around thirty people but it still freaked him out.

He approached a small group of people over by a table who looked him over, judgingly as he approached, they slowly smiled and welcomed him into their group.

                “Hello, new guy, how did you find out about the Tribe of Dýr?” A tallish man with the face like that of an opossum or a mouse skull , he couldn’t tell. He was dressed in a suit and tie, much like Will’s own, a literal bony tail poked out from behind the tail of his coat.

                “I received a letter in the mail inviting me to this gala, sorry, did you say the name of this group is the Tribe of Dýr?”

“Yes, we’re the Tribe of Dýr, nice to meet a new member,” the tallish man said, outstretching his hand. “My name is Paru, what’s yours?”

“My name is Will, nice to meet ya,” Will said, shaking Paru’s hand.

“The guy next to me is Wera,” Paru said, gesturing to a man with a large bird skull, the eyes seemed large enough that he looked like an owl.

“Nice to meet you, Will,” Wera said, his voice was very low and gravelly. He turned around and poured some of the red juice, which was most likely fruit punch or wine, into a cup and handed it to Will.

“Some refreshments?” he asked, Will took the cup and sniffed it, it smelled of the sharp sweet smell of wine. He didn’t want to get drunk since it didn’t take much to get him drunk but he didn’t want to be rude.

Will slowly sipped the drink and instantly felt a little giddy, he always loved the taste of wine.

“So, what’s the story behind the Tribe of Dýr?” Will asked, taking another sip of his wine.

“Oh, that’s simple, we’re just a group who-,” he was interrupted as a loud crashing sound echoed throughout the room.

A large gust of dust and debris flew towards them from the front doorway and nearly knocked Will over, everyone stopped dancing and talking instantly.

Where the door once stood was now a gaping hole with around twenty figures now entering through it. Will recognized them instantly, Queen Gallia’s henchmen.

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