The Cover Shoppe ~ Rebooted

The Cover Shoppe ~ Rebooted is a brand new cover store based off of the previous store made by Lady Tatertot (aka me). The rules are most likely going to be a little different, but it is the same designer nonetheless. Request away. :)


1. Information

Hey there.. It's me.. Kaitlyn. Obviously, I'm back once more to design covers and write stories.

Welcome to The Cover Shoppe ~ Rebooted. I hope you make a request.


Some things to know:

I have a job so covers may take time.. I don't make my schedule.
I get exhausted from my job, so that will also affect my production speed.
I only work on one cover at a time in order of requesting unless one seems simpler than the other.
Finally, just follow my rules and everyone can be happy :)


(this format will be copied and pasted into the comments for you all to copy)
1. Title:
2. Author name on cover:
3. Genre:
4. Central Theme(s):
5. Actors/ Celebs: 
6. Quote:


I will watermark my covers unless you specifically ask me not to. In that case, you must give credit to me somewhere in your story. I do keep tabs on my work, and if I do not see credit given, I will report for plagiarism. #NotSorry


Happy writing! ♥

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