Jaz is a young Unaltered girl, living in a world ruled by rich Modified and controlled by vicious Mechanics. She embarks on a interfallacting journey to raise enough money to undergo the process that will turn her into a Modified, but she ends up in a desperate fight for her life where she finds out more about herself than she'd ever thought possible.


14. Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII




There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are more than I could ever be, more than anyone could ever be. You are a rarity, a fourth class, a hidden category. You are a strange creation, but you are special. You are beautiful. You should be cherished. You are a Future. You are the future. The forth category. Future. The one the Assembly tried so hard to hide. No denying you now. 

That's what I want to say, but my broken mind cannot form words so pure, so soft and kind, so happy. 

Instead I grunt, haul my feet, and as a passenger to my own actions, and launch myself at the girl with the haunting violet eyes. 




What is wrong with me? What am I? What's going on? No time for questions, only fighting for my life. 

I use my newfound ability to flip the switch from a distance, waiting three painstaking centuries before the engines home back to life and the alarms stop blaring. 

But that's the least of my worries. 

Ki advances on me, and terror and panic war inside me with anger, bitter, burning anger. 

It erupts out of me, this newfound ability, pushing Ki to the wall and punning him, keeping him fixating under a smothers carpet of force. My breathing comes in shallow, terrified gasps. Not terrified at Ki, but terrified at myself. 

I've never felt such strength, so alive. This whole journey seems frivolous now, in the wake of the energy pulsing through my veins. 

I begin to choke him, and I mutter to myself. 

“What am I?” 

“You are a Future—“ Ki chokes out. “The future. The n-next…” gasp, “generation.” 

I loosen my hold. 

“You are the future!” He gasps.

“What am I?” I demand, but it is too late. 

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