Jaz is a young Unaltered girl, living in a world ruled by rich Modified and controlled by vicious Mechanics. She embarks on a interfallacting journey to raise enough money to undergo the process that will turn her into a Modified, but she ends up in a desperate fight for her life where she finds out more about herself than she'd ever thought possible.


10. Chapter IX

Chapter IX 




My thoughts stay stuck on the Unaltered girl who saved my life. Her haunting eyes… her vibrant hair… why can't I get her out of my head? Why is it that I think of her, while I eat breakfast, while I get dressed, and even now, walking to the bathroom. 

She makes me regret what I've been doing. 

Out of nowhere the ship begins to shake violently, and I crash into a wall, my head hitting it harshly and causing black spots to dance languidly across my vision. My own plan, backfiring on me. 

Then she is here. In the hallway, eyes nervous and confused. She spots me, crumpled against the wall, and rushes over and helps me up. 

“How come your helping me now after last time we met you dropped me flat on my—“ 



“Don't you hear that!” 

I go silent, and soon a thumping sound greets my ears. 

“What's going on?” I fake ignorance. She can't know what I've done. 

“You think I know!?” She exclaims in exasperation. 

Alarms begin to blare as she shoves me away, sprinting down the hallway, purple hair streaming behind her and gleaming in the flashing emergency lights. 

I run after her. 

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