Jaz is a young Unaltered girl, living in a world ruled by rich Modified and controlled by vicious Mechanics. She embarks on a interfallacting journey to raise enough money to undergo the process that will turn her into a Modified, but she ends up in a desperate fight for her life where she finds out more about herself than she'd ever thought possible.


15. Acknowledgements



Another novella/novelette finished. Another month of my life dedicated to writing. 

I don't have very many people I'd like to thank for this novella, but I'd like to thank the Inkvite community for all their positive reviews. I've been posting the chapters on there and been getting a lot of positive feedback, so thank y’all for the encouragement, and also for the negative feedback that makes me all the more determined. 

I'd like to thank my friends, for their encouragement and interest in my writing, and for always being there when I need you. Without you, I might not have even had the perseverance to finish this. 

Thanks to my cats, my brother and sister. My dearest companions in life

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