#2 is really going to be me, being abstract. I guess what I mean is just me taking thoughts and poems and whatever junk I have that makes sense to me, and putting it in a little collection. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and we'll see where this goes


1. Getting Started- Introduction Chapter



Let's catch up a bit :)


I have been writing and adventuring and being awesome


yes, thank you, thank you


and then I've also been working on my musical project, I'm creating an album, and it's going a little slow, mostly cause I don't have all my instruments yet, but it is going, and I hope to be able to show it to you all once I'm done


well, for me, drama in and out of school as always, but whatcha gonna do right?


I hope to be able to brain dump a bunch of my writing on here, if you guys are interested? And I'll try to update and add some more stuff and keep this thing going, and feel free to shoot me a message in the meantime!


Alright, I'll talk to all you people later, have an awesome day/week/month/a long time :)

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