Off to Tour

Niall and the guys have left for their Take me Home tour....what will Kaylee do without them for a whole year? Will she find new friends? Will one of her new friends have a crush on her? Will Niall resist other girls? *Sequel to Torn between two boys*

*Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd*


2. "Farewell, see you in one year my love"

Niall's p.o.v

I woke up from my small sleep. I looked at Kaylee and she looked like the most beautiful person to ever walk this planet. I planted a kiss on her cheek and she smiled when I removed my lips from her, she smiled.

I got up from the bed and started to get ready since I only have 10 minutes to get ready and 10 minutes to get to the airport plus I have to pick up the guys. I quickly changed into a white t-shirt and sweats. I walked over to Kaylee to wake her up because we were leaving soon. I softly shook her shoulder and she opened her eyes and looked straight at me with her very beautiful chocolate eyes.

“Is it time?” She asked stretching.

“Yeah baby it is.” I replied.

“Okay I’m up.”

I watched her as slowly got off the bed.

“You know we only have 5 minutes.” I told her.

“Oh I'm sorry I'll hurry.” She replied and I laughed as she suddenly started to rush.

“Okay I'm done.” Kaylee said.

I held out my hand for her, she grabbed it and we left to go pick up the guys.

“I'll go get them.” Kaylee offered.

“Are you sure? You know I can get off and get them.”

“No it's fine, I got it.” She said and pecked my cheek.

Kaylee’s p.o.v

I got off the car and I knocked on the door. I stood outside for a good minute before the door opened by Harry.

“Hey Kaylee.” Harry said.

“Hello, are you guys ready to go?” I asked.

“Yeah let me just go get the rest of the lads.”

Harry went back inside and came out 2 minutes later.

“It's sad to see you and Niall be without each other for a year.” Louis said.

“Yeah well what can we do? Right?”

“That is true.”

We all went in the car and I went in the front with Niall whilst the rest of the guys went in the back.

Niall and I interlocked our fingers whilst Niall drove.

We arrived at the airport. We all got out of the car and whilst the guys were taking out their luggages from the trunk. I was watching all the couples crying because they aren't gonna see each other for a long time. Before I used to complain why to lovers always cry when one of them leave? They are gonna see each other again it's not gonna be forever. Now I know how it feels like. I'm gonna be the same. We all walked to where the gate was to their flight.

“Gate 41 now ready to fly to California.”

“That's our flight.” Niall said. As soon as he finished I crashed into his chest and sobbed.

“Shh darling it's okay.” Niall said soothingly whilst stroking my hair.

“I don't….know…..what….I'll….do…..without….you.” I stuttered.

“Love listen to me….I will always be with you, you are life, my light, my source of happiness. I need you to stay strong. I know it'll be hard for both of us but I know we can do it. I love you so much. And I promise I will never ever let you go."

“I love you too.” I said back.

I looked at Niall and he has tears running to his face.

“Good bye darling.” Niall said.

“Bye.” I replied.

We both gave each other one last hug one last kiss and he left through those gates.

Niall’s p.o.v

It was so hard to leave Kaylee. As I walked through the gates I looked back and saw her standing there crying her eyes out. The love of my life won't be there when I wake up in the morning. She won't greet me with kisses. She won't hold my hand. She won't be there to make me happy. She won't be there in general. Liam patted me in the back and I gave him a light smile. I got into my seat next to Harry and we waited until the plane took off. As it took off I saw in the window and saw Kaylee looking at the plane.

“Farewell, see you in one year my love.” And with that she was gone for one whole year.

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