Trials of fate

The story reflecting how the relationships changes with time and people deal with the past and present emotion turmoil. It showcases six love stories trapped in web of deceit, mystery, revenge and emotion


1. Introduction


Alina Oberoi : Main female protagonist. She is strong and sophisticated girl. A senior police officer who wants to protect nation from the threats. Elder sister of Sanjana who is very close to her. She is very traditional and disciplined unlike her sister. Girl of high moral and values who nobody can shake. Her main aim to protect her country from the threats for which she can go to any extent.


Sanjana Oberoi: Second female protagonist. A free living, bubbly and intelligent girl. Works in software company in Singapore and a hacker. Her dream is to be successful. Even though she is modern but she is instilled values by her sister. Does not tolerate anybody insulting her sister.She becomes the ray of hope in Yohan's darkness

Ria Gujral  : Third female protagonist. Rich Fashion designer who wants to make her own design company.Best friend of Ria. Raised in a big and royal family with moral values. Sacrifices her love to save her best friend's reputation.

Samarth Shergill : Male protagonist. An ambitious guy who lives on his own separately from his family. Another employee working in software company in India.  Best friend of Aditya. Loves Alina to the core and can do anything for her.

Yohan Khanna : Second male protagonist. Wants to design his own cars but never got any attention from his family. Love interest of Ria. Tries to seek attention from his family but only ends up being alone. Finds companion and friendship in Sanjana who eventually becomes his top priority in his life.

Saurav Singhania :  Third male Protagonist. A rich and ambitious NRI who wishes to pursue high career and reach height of success. His family arranges his marriage with Ria.  Love interests of Ria . Also hails from a rich family.

Dev Khanna : Police Officer. Elder brother of Yohan and Akira. Supporting brother who loves his siblings but firm for his profession. Leaves his house to fulfill his dream. Falls for Sonia

Sonia Shergill : Police Officer. She also lives separately from her family but can do anything for them. Craves to meet her brother Samarth whom she never saw from past 8 years.  

Akira Khanna : Choreographer and works with theatre group also handles her dad's business. Friend of Naina. Hates her elder brother and possessive for Yohan after their mother. Obedient daughter of their dad. Hides her love behind arrogant personality.

Karan Gujral : Another Police officer. Elder brother of Ria whom she hates to the core. Sets out to win her sister back with the support of his friends and falls for Akira.

Aditya : Best friend of Samarth. An architecture who wants to be rich and has heart of gold. Has hard time to get his love Anjali due to his status but manages to make place in everybody's heart by his loyalty.

Anjali Rathore : A lawyer and daughter of ACP Rathore. Pillar strength to Yohan and sister to Ria.

ACP Rathore : Head of all the 4 Police officers. Foster father of Naina but equally loves his both daughters. Has hidden deep secret which is known only to his wife.

Relationships of all couples

Samarth-Alina : Different as chalk and cheese but something  joins them which is their insperable love for each other even being seperated. Even though both had troubled childhood but never gave up hope for the best and moved on.

Yohan-Sanjana: Both of them are perfect examples of epitome of love and sacrifice. Their love is too pure and innocent not only for each other but also for their loved ones. Becomes each other's pillar support in every situation.

Saurav - Ria : Brought in a lap of luxury both of them still holds the values of relationships at high. Their love and desires get crushed in the family's old enmity and personal issues.

Dev-Sonia : Both of them left their house to fulfill their dream. Another name of love is companion in each other. Very mature when it comes to face any problem

Karan-Akira : Love probably teaches everything and also changes person's thinking. The couple have hard time handling their relationship due to Akira's overprotectiveness for Yohan and egoistic nature

Aditya-Anjali : Both have hard time than other couples to be together but stays strong for their families and friends. Their passionate love have no limits and continues growing in spite of all hatred among their families.


Naina : Sister of Anjali and daughter of ACP. Ex fiance of Samarth whom she wants at any cost. Very egoistic towards everything and thinks she is born to win. Though very selfish but loves her family at the same time and does not let anybody harm them.

Kabir : Sets his eyes on both sisters to revenge on Samarth cold heartedly. He is master player who plays with everybody's life with his sharp mind. He has his own agenda to fulfill unknown to everybody.


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