The mysterious girl.

Erica Young, a young 15-16 year old girl with short dark ginger hair, pale green eyes and soft pale skin was a young teen living in Belgium for most of her life ever since she was born. She was a feisty and trustworthy character she eventually took up being a crime fighter when her parents were murdered. While on a case she eventually stumbles across a familiar looking reporter about her age who might it be?


2. the unexpted visitors.

Erika couldn't stop smiling as she arrived home that morning the boys face light up her face as she arrived home she ducked behind a taxi as she notice some unfamiliar people standing in front of her apartment she didn't know these people but judging by their looks they don't look very friendly. She notices a rock nearby and picks it up and throws it alerting the men they ran over to investigate the noise she ran quickly got up and tried to run to her apartment door but a hand grasped her mouth and waist causing her to struggle "you thought we were that stupid heh little girl?" says a voice. Erika muttered muffled shouts of help she struggled even harder "feisty little kid ain't she Thomas?" said the same voice as she heard a laugh.

Then she heard loud barking and a voice "hey!" then she was let go and she fell to the ground a figure had knocked the man out she hit her head on the ground she only saw her saviours feet before she was knocked unconscious few hours later Erika moaned rubbing her head she heard faint voices and faint barks. "Wh where am I?" she asks "your awake" said a familiar voice the same boy she met earlier in the day was standing in front of her the same dog was there too she rubbed her head she notice she was in a hospital room with bandages covering her head "what happened?" she asks then twin officers came in "a couple of thugs tried to kidnap you miss but luckily Tintin was only a few meters away and came to your rescue" "Thugs? then what's with the bandages?!" Cried Erika "you hit your head pretty hard on the concrete when I punched the thug holding you its a good thing you didn't had amnesia" the boy explained. the dog yipped in response and wagged his tail "oh I see" Erika said "well we'll notify you when we catch the crooks Ma'am" "wait! There's something you need to know about the crooks" Erika cries the detectives turn just as they were going to leave "one of the crooks names was Thomas I'm not sure who his co-worker is but all I know is that one of the crooks names was Thomas"  Erika says. The boy turns to the detectives as they exchanged glances "well miss we'll check data on this Thomas and inform you of him and his team mate in the mean time you get well good day" one of twins said as they left "goodbye Thompson's" the boy said. 

"You know them?" Erika said "I knew them for a while their good friends of mine" Tintin replies Erika smiled "now you get some rest I'll be checking on you tomorrow I'll be bringing another friend of mine over" Tintin said "ok goodbye Tintin" Erika said smiling as the boy left with his faithful canine. That night all was still that is until the same crooks attempted to sneak into the hospital Erika was asleep in her room her window not locked but her door was closed as well Mrs Darling (one of the nurses there)  had just finished a check up on Erika. The crooks climbed the pipe and opened her window and climbed through putting a gun to her head she jolted awake feeling the gun "don't move pipsqueak we know what you're really are and we're not stopping till we catch you" said the familiar voice "what are you talking about?!" Exclaimed Erika with fright. "come one we're not fooling around twerp!" Said the man she recognised as Thomas Erika snorts in anger and annoyance "come on get up!" Ordered Thomas Erika just blinked in confusion "but I can't the doctors said I can't leave the hospital until I'm discharged" Erika reminded the two man they stared at each other "you do realise we can break the rules now get up or we'll make you" Ordered the man next to Thomas clicking his gun. Erika gulped.

She then pulled the drip from her arm and gets out of bed feeling a bit dizzy without the drip then she collapsed into the mans arms that very morning Tintin was getting ready to leave for the hospital visit along with his friend, Captain haddock. Though until the news report came on the radio "this just in Erika Young has been reported missing from her hospital place last night police are baffled by her disappearance but say it maybe connected to the two men who tried kidnapping her a day earlier police are investigating further" Tintin was startled by the news. "I wander why those two men want to kidnap her? she's just an innocent girl who has done nothing "Tintin says to captain. Captain shifted in his sofa reading a newspaper "well I guess we could go over to the hospital and investigate why they want her so badly like you always do Tintin" Captain says "great idea captain we'll go over right now" Tintin says finishing his breakfast and rushing out grabbing his coat with Snowy close behind. Captain groaned *here we go again* he thought to himself. As Tintin arrived the two twin detectives were already there "hello Tintin hot on the case as usual" one said "yep got any leads?" Tintin said Captain comes into the room "geez I'm surprised you're friend doesn't feel claustrophobic in here" Captain said examining the small room Tintin rolled his eyes then he notices the drip that was once in Erika's arm. "Hello?" he bent down and examines the drip noticing a bit of Erika's blood still clinging to it "someone has forcefully pulled this out no joke about it I think it was either Erika or the two men who pulled it out" Tintin says aloud. "Tintin look over here" Captain exclaims Tintin walks over and notices a bit more blood on the floor near the window Snowy sniffs at it and gags "more blood must've been from Erika" Tintin said.

"maybe we should take this to the professor for him to examine the owner of it" Tintin said Meanwhile... Erika moans and awakes with bars around her "Wh where am I?" she said "heh in our hide out kid" said a voice Erika looks up seeing the man from earlier she was locked in a cage and chained like a beast. "What is this?!" Exclaims Erika pulling at the chains "heh no use kid you're locked in there" laughed Thomas "you fiends! Just wait till Tintin gets here he'll kick you're sorry butts" Erika says "hah that nosey reporter boyfriend of yours?" smirks the man Erika blushed "he's not my boyfriend! We've just met yesterday!" Erika exclaims with embarrassment and cheeks turning red. "Heh Girls pathetic" Thomas said Erika felt annoyed and insulted "come in here and say that to my face!" She said "we don't have time for this nonsense" said Thomas. Erika could feel her face boiling with annoyance as she lets out pout "what do you want with me?" she asks the thugs turned to her "if we told you we have to kill you" threatened Thomas.  



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