The mysterious girl.

Erica Young, a young 15-16 year old girl with short dark ginger hair, pale green eyes and soft pale skin was a young teen living in Belgium for most of her life ever since she was born. She was a feisty and trustworthy character she eventually took up being a crime fighter when her parents were murdered. While on a case she eventually stumbles across a familiar looking reporter about her age who might it be?


1. One night in Belgium.

(I would like to remind you that I based this story off another story on Wattpad that I was reading last night I got inspired by the story so I came up with this I like to give credit to the person who made that story so lets continue and be notified that its based around the 1992 TV Series)

It was a cool night in Eastern Europe (Belgium) Erika Young, a young girl with a dark past sat alone on a bench near a park as it was a snowy night she wore a red jacket with a black shirt underneath, she wore black pants and red boots she had short hair just above her shoulders and pale skin. Her eyes were a pale green colour she had just been living in an apartment for a few days now after turning 16 she was sent out of the orphanage she lived in after her parents were murdered by gangsters. Erika exhaled a cloud of air as she pulled up her jacket the jacket didn't really help that much though "boy I don't like Winter very much the only good thing about it is Skiing and throwing snowballs at people" she said sighing.

she was about to head off when she heard a meek bark she turned and saw a White fox terrier walking up to her "why hello there little guy are you lost?" she asks the dog it only yipped with reply she checked for a collar but none *could it be a stray?* she wandered. *No it looked too healthy to be a stray it probably has an owner somewhere it probably wandered off* "well little guy I guess I'll have to take you home with me and find your owner in the market place in the morning lots of people go there a lot so perfect chances your owner maybe too" Erika said the dog wagged its tail in reply. Erika then starts heading off as the dog followed her to her apartment (29 Flyaway road) she opened her apartment door and the dog followed her in she closes it as the dog jumped onto one of her sofa's she smiled at it "I guess you like sitting on the sofa's don't you little guy?" she says the dog barked in reply she went into the kitchen to prepare dinner and she was surprised to see the dog standing in the doorway. she knew the dog must be hungry so she opened the fridge and grabbed a piece of meat from the fridge

and puts it on a plate and places it on the floor in front of the dog it eventually starts eating it. Erika smiled sweetly as she prepared a cup of tea and some soup she sat on the sofa the dog was sitting on starts eating her soup she was surprised when the dog leapt up onto her laps and curls up into a ball. She pats the dog and continues eating and after she finished her tea she had a shower and got dressed she pulls off the covers of her bed and hops into the bed just before she fell asleep she realised warmth near her back she guessed it was the dog and she eventually fell asleep. That very morning she was awoken by the dog licking her face as he greeted her he sat next to her wagging his tail "hello you" she smiles patting his ears she got up and got dressed she went out into the lounge room as she heard a morning report "hello and good morning fellow viewers we have a request of a lost white fox terrier that has been reported missing last night if you find him please return to him to 26 Labrador Road". The dogs barks happily "is that you're owners address little fella?" Erika asks the dog seems to nod his head 'yes'.

"Well I'll be happy to take you home" Erika says the dog yipped happily licking her face after having something to eat she headed to the address of the dogs owner she knocks on the door of the apartment which was surprisingly like her. A landlady answers the door "hello I'm here to return a white fox terrier to someone in this apartment is he/she out or is he/she available?" Erika asks holding the fox terrier "you mean Tintin? oh yes he is dear he's just up on the first floor" replies the landlady. "thank you miss" Erika replies as she walks up the stairs *man is the dogs owner gonna be pleased to see his dog again but that name sounds awfully familiar" Erika thought as she saw the address she places the dog on the floor and knocks on the door. A young man answers the door he was probably the same age as she was with ginger hair, a round baby like face, he wore a blue sweater with a white shirt underneath, he also wore short brown pants and white socks with brown shoes "Snowy!" He cries happily the dog yips leaping into his arms he licked the boys face he giggles. "thank you so much for finding my dog miss?..." started the boy "Erika just call me Erika and your dog found me instead he must of wandered off" Erika said "well thank you so much is there any way I can repay you?" he asks "no its ok I'm just happy that you've found your dog that's the main thing" Erika said smiling the boy smiled back after saying goodbye to the boy she headed home with a smile on her face he was so happy.

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