Alice In Madness Vol. 1 ( R+) ( Movellas Friendly Version)

This story is about main protagonist, Alice Anne Arlington. Alice had lived a completely normal everyday life until one day when things went wretchedly awry and a wretched series chain of traumatizing events had occurred in which in turn had altered her into a schizophrenic psychopath that must figure out a way to survive within her realm of madness and ultimately decide on who lives and who dies. She is the judge, jury, and executioner, and in her realm of madness only she can ultimately decide their fate. ( Disclaimer: This story is above the R rating, in which means this story contains X rated content and is extremely mature and graphic in all ways imaginable and some sexual scenes serve too essential for the plot and will not be censored ( But the unnecessary's will be) so if not open minded and mentally prepared, then this story may not be suited for you, overall). * MUST be age 17 or older

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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