Sierras secret

Sierra: everyone thinks she has a perfect life but they don't really know she wants to be a ballet dancer, to follow in the footsteps of her mother. but when her father remarries she is forced to dance in secret Sierra has a secret.what is going on? who's giving her these scars and why is she so misreble. hopefully, they will find out before it's too late. trying to save a friend's life might endanger yours...


1. meet the charecters

Sierra : shehas always loved dancing and as a young girl had been taught to dance by her mother who died at age six who was a famous ballet dancer, luckily she has followed in her foot steps and is practising to dance. She has never been the girl to crave more than what she already had even though she has everything already. Content, quiet, easily-overlooked ─ those are the words best employed when describing Tara. Except that's only partially true as when you get to know her she is like a whole new person and lovely to be around. When she feels unhappy she dances and escapes into her own world. She loves vintage clothes knowing centuries ago someone must have worn it.


jess: It's not only that Jess is nice. It's that she's perfectly bland and is just another face in the crowd, background music that's so easy to tune out. She loves reading and studies till her hair turns white. And that's just how she wants to be. Unnoticed she may be but she definitely notices you. She's has a keen eye for detail and is good at being nosy without seeming nosy. She’s clever and bright and is a strong leader and is not so good at working in a group when someone else is the leader. Some people call her a perfectionist and hard to be friends with but she’s actually best friend material. She’s posh and very formal and people can’t understand what she’s talking about at times

Yuki: she loves anime and drawing manga she loves kpop and enjoys drawing. When she grows up she hopes to be a manga artist and create world known anime series. She’s not good to be around when she laughs as it’s VERY infectious

bethany: HAVE you heard of crazy well Bethany is the perfect example. She is a wild risk taker and isn’t afraid to jump out a window. She goes skydiving, bungee jumping and skiing. She loves camping and gruesome scary clips. She isn’t scared of anything and is even thinking about challenging death. There isn’t a day where she doesn’t make you smile or laugh. She loves peace and doesn’t by anything fair trade

Vivian: she is a very stuck up person and hates when things don’t go her way she’s not rich or anything but can get anything. She can twist anyone around her finger without them even knowing. She’s a Goth and dislikes Sierra (more like jealous) as she is rich. When she was younger she would always have temper tantrums until her dad told her she might pop a blood vessel. She is very close to callie.

Callie: she loves the ocean and sea anything to do with water. She spends 2hours in the bath a day. Its a wonder if she doesn’t go wrinkly soon. She is not afraid to speak her mind and goes to the beach every day. She wants to be a professional surfer one day.

Tara, : the makeup queen she loves spending but not giving or earning. She hates it when Bethany tells her that its cruel to use animal fur in clothes. She likes sierra best as she is quite and is the only one who she thinks isn’t taking the spot light away from her like her 8 siblings. When you need gossip she is there to fill your brain with shit you never even knew about. You don’t know what is true and what is not around her. She is a drama queen and attention seeking.

James: he always jokes to his friends that he is the black sheep of the family, an introvert in a sea of extroverts, a boy made up of scraps and left-behind pieces. He’s a caring person and can see when you’re upset. He never intends to hurt someone without a proper explanation even though when he tries to sing uhh... let’s just say your ears are no longer intact.

lucca:He is a sports man and loves anything that lets him show off his muscles. He loves boxing and karate and anything that involves violence. Like all boys his mad about football and hates missing matches. As well as Bethany who is his favourite of the group he is also a risk taker and isn’t afraid to jump out a window and join her in skipping class

ashton:He graphitizes school corridors at night and sets teachers bags on fire. He once put 30 pins on a chair for a teacher to sit on let’s just say her bum was never the same again. He has excluded more times than even the head teacher (who excluded him) couldn’t count. He always touches the fire bell at maths which makes jess glare at him.

tokyo:He loves musical instruments and plays the guitar he loves rock and roll and sings in the shower (which makes everyone in the room downstairs laugh) who’s heard of a boy who sings in the shower. His closest friend is sierra who he knew since he was 6.

Jin soo: is Korean and wants to be a singer. HE has already dyed his hair with red streaks. He is cousins with Yuki who he is very protective over. He hates animals as they cause him to sneeze

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