Three gods existed in this world: Draceus, Deceus, and Diaus. The gods placed limits on human's strength, wisdom, and emotions. Draceus limited human's strength, making them weak but courageous. Deceus limited human's wisdom, making them unwise but strong as a group. Dieus limited human's emotions, making them less emotional but stable. However, humans challenged the gods to remove the limits that they placed on them. The thousand years of battle begins.


1. Draceus - Once the Strongest God

What is the strongest weapon in the world?

Handheld firearms(Guns)?.... No

Explosives(Bombs)?... No

Nuclear explosives(Nukes)?... No

The answer is simple. Everyone who is reading this has it. 

Its the combination of emotion and intelligence along with strength.

Emotion, intelligence, and strength are considered as Major Components. 

With the strength acting as a forest, it will allow humans to do anything as they desire.

With the emotion acting as a lighter, it will light a seed of hatred, greed, and other harmful nature within humans.

With the intelligence acting as a firewood, it will greatly enlarge the flames, eventually destroying the forest.

Draceus, Deceus, and Dieus prevented these disaster by taking their role to limit human's major components.

Draceus limited human's strength, making them weaker both physically and supernaturally.

Deceus limited human's intelligence, making them weaker both mentally and intellectually.

Dieus limited human's emotion, making them weaker both emotionally and sensitively.

Peaceful days existed when the three gods limited human's natural ability to its minimum.


In every thousand years or so, there are individuals who were born with exceptional strength, intelligence, or emotion even with the limitations. These people were called errors. 

A King, born with exceptional emotion, dared to fight against the three that placed limits upon themselves. His emotion, which was able to persuade others easily, made it possible to gather millions of soldiers to fight against the limiter of strength, Draceus. 

Draceus, who have placed heavier limits on himself, was forced to the point of death. His soul has been severed to seven pieces and his original body has been sealed inside of a human temple. His mind is missing. Humans now gained exceptional strength and supernatural abilities. The term knights and magic was now acceptable. 

After watching the tragedy of their companion, Deceus and Dieus decides to ascend from the human realm. 

The seven severed souls travel through each rightful owners with certain characteristics for every generation.

These owners of god's souls are called Animas. 

However, because of the King's curse on Draceus's body, the owners of his heart have been fated to die at an early age while experiencing the utmost tragedy that can be brought upon them. 

This is the story of the last anima. 


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