Yellow doc Martins exctract

A Sherlock Holmes inspired extract.


1. A mystery awiats

Yellow Doc Martins


Early on Sunday morning I was woken by my companion knocking at the oak door leading to my room. “ my dear watson ,we have a client,” he said.I sat up in my cosy bed , dazing about what wonders we would cross this fine day.


After putting on my best clothes, I hurried down the stairs to meet the client and dear old Holmes. Miss Hudson brought me a large breakfast containing  a huge strip of bacon, a dippy egg and a slab of black pudding. “ Watson,” said Holmes in a cheerful voice “ when you have scoffed down your breakfast, we can pay attention to our client.”


When I had eaten my scrumptious breakfast, my companion and I listened carefully to what the client had to say, trying to not miss a single detail.

“ Good day I am Jana Hill,”  said the client. “ I have come here in count of a sinister mystery,”

“ okay I see that,I assume you came from the Highlands in Scotland as of the 10 specks of mud on your quite so lovely coat” said Holmes “ tell me from the very beginning.”

I could see a scared look on Jana’s pale white face. “ Yes  sir you are correct, Iive at Opal marran Mansion” she exclaimed.


“ It was 1 years ago 1897, my mother had just died of influenza and my father had just got a promotion to go traveling in India looking for more species, 3 days after he left my brother was about to get married. After 2 days of getting married, he was invited to the pub by the local pub owner and never came back. The only thing i know was his body was found at the back of the pud 2 days after his death.” Jana said sadly.

I said to her soothingly that we would investigate.


“ The main reason that I came here was because I am getting married soon ; the pub owner has invited me to the pub,” she said.

My companion sat wide eyed and listened carefully.


“ Well,”he exclaimed. “ could you take us to your village please.”


We jumped on to a dog cart and set of our long journey through the huge mountains, thick luscious forests and great rivers. Before I could see the driveway to the grand mansion I saw the large slate roof pointing out above the towering trees.

“ This is it sir.” said Jana.


As we hopped of the cart I could see the grand houses coble walls and its decorated grounds.It looked like something out of a fairy tale. We stepped inside the mansion and Holmes questioned Jana a little more. Jana’s maid offered us some pretty cakes with lavender butter cream and marmalade on them and some rose water tea. Holmes didn’t accept the offering as he was too busy thinking.

When I had finished the wonderful nourishments  my companion, Jana and I headed of to the pub to investigate further.


We were welcomed by the pub owner coldly.He stood in front of us, his eyes glancing at us like eagles hunting for pray. On the side of the pub owner's neck was a throbbing fresh scar.It seemed strange that we had encountered him with a scar this very day. Blood osed out of his neck and trickled down onto his yellow doc martins.My companion examined the scar like a hawk.Holmes said to the pub owner he needed to go to lavatory but instead of going to the lavatory he searched the back of the pub looking for any sign that suggested how Ms Hill’s brother died. I could hear a strange noise as if a fox was looking in the bins but my guts told it was Holmes.


Suddenly I heard the voice  of my companion saying that he had got it.He whispered into my ear “we have to go back to Opal Marran Mansion, now.”

We all walked back  with the wind blowing in our faces  as if it was trying to slap us. When we reached  Opal marran mansion  Sherlock sternly told Jana to listen to everything he said as her very life would depend on it.Holmes took out a glass from his briefcase and showed it to us. “ It seems i have found the answer to your brother death Ms Hill,” he said.

“ You must tell us.” said Jana

“ No, I must get a bit more evidence first.” he said.


“We will wait here until  the pub owner has invited you to the pub.Then we shall follow you and the pub owner to the pub ( make sure you drink your beer quickly and don’t eat any food).” Holmes said.


That night Holmes and I sat outside smoking our pipes ,while Ms Hill finished her quilt she was making.

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