The old ragged bunny

Lilly has moved into a mansion with her parents. She is about discover something amazing...


3. The first night


After most of the unpacking was done it was time for Jade, her mum, her dad and Ruby to have dinner. The dinner contained a boiled egg, a had full of chips and two big spoonfuls of baked beans. The dinner was n't much as there were only a few essentially in the fridge such as a litre of milk, half a dozen of eggs and a tin of tomato soup as well as a loaf of bread.Jade scoffed down her dinner ,just like Ruby, making sure not to leaver a single scrap.


When they had all finished their dinner they went to watch TV next to the warming fire.It was a lovely evening and the sun shone bright on the orangery roof.Little light entered the living room but when it did the grey walls glimmered.Ruby sat on Jades lap snuggled up to her. At 8 o'clock they all decided to go to bed.Jade had a really warm shower and used her body wash that her Grandma and Grandad had brought her for Christmas.


After the shower, Jade put on  her nightgown and made her way to bed. The crack in the window brought the cool wind into her room. The wall was pealing and the room smelt of fresh air. About a minute after Jade entered her bed she fell a sleep with Ruby by her side...

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