More than friends

In this story Justin isn't famous

Alison: A 17 year old girl from Florida

Justin: A 18 year old boy, from Canada.

They were best friends, but then one of them spoke the truth. What is happening now?
Beware of string language, sexual acts, drama and love.


5. " Why does he hate me? "

After we got dressed we walked downstairs to get breakfast. As we came down the stairs Jake was standing at the end. He stared at us.

Alison: What?

Jake: You look happy. He said sarcastically

Alison: I am happy Jake. Justin makes me happy.

Jake: Ali..

Alison: Jake, don't you get it? I love him!

Justin: Ali, its fine. I'll go back home. Now he looked sad. I couldn't take it anymore


Alison (cont): Justin, don't leave me. I'll come with you. I looked at him and kissed him on the lips.

Justin: I love you Ali. I really do. I'm going upstairs to wait for you. He still looked hurt Alison: I hate you Jake! I'm leaving with Justin and there's nothing you can do about it. Okay?

Jake: Fine Alison, but if he breaks your heart I won't listen to all your shit, okay. Now leave.

Alison: Jake wtf? You and Justin are best friends? Why are you so mad at him just because he loves me? I thought you wanted the best for me? Wanted me to be happy?

Jake: Sissy, I want you to be happy. And I can see Justin makes you happy but... I just don't want him to hurt you! I swear I'll kill him if he does!

Alison: Jake stop it. Justin makes me happy, and I know he won't hurt me.

I walked up to my room, and heard quiet crying and whispers. It was Justin. I walked further to the toilet and the crying got louder. I heard him whisper.

Justin: Why me? Why does he hate me? Does he think I'm just using Ali? I walked in and he looked up at me. He had red eyes and tear stained cheeks. I felt bad for causing this. I went over to him and sat on the floor.

Alison: Justin, baby, don't cry..

Justin: But he hates me. He doesn't want me to be with you! But... I don't want to leave you. I love you. He cried even more. I felt so bad right now. I couldn't speak.

Alison: Justin.... he-he doesn't hate you! He just don't want you to break my heart! He's just protective. And I think he misses his bro. You two are like brothers Justin.

Justin: Not anymore.

Alison: Justin, he just need to understand that we are a couple now. Okay? He doesn't hate you Jay. And no matter what he thinks about this situation, I'll always love you!

I went over to him and kissed him. He pushed back with pressure.

Alison: Do you want to help me with packing?

Justin: Where are we going??

Alison: To your place. I don't want to be here while Jake is like that!

Justin: Oh okay baby, I'll help you he kissed me and held me tight. I almost couldn't breath. We packed and went to his place.

Justin (yelling): Mom, we're home!

Pattie: Hi Justin, what do you mean about we?

Justin: Alison is with me.

Pattie: Ohhh, so you did ask her last night? Hi Alison.

I knew Justin's mom since I have been best friends with Justin since forever.

Alison: Hi Pattie, I've missed you! I hugged her. Pattie have always been like my mother. Ohh btw, my mom and dad died in an accident when I was 15 so I've stayed with Jake alone ever since. Or sometimes Sofia joins us.

Pattie: I've missed you to. Sooo, you guys are like a thing now? Me and Justin's laughed and he held his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.

Justin: Yes, yes we are. I kissed him on his lips and heard a click from a camera.

Pattie: Sorry guys, you're just so cute.. I had to do it! She smiled to both of us.

Justin and Alison: Laughing, that's okay

Justin: Is it okay she stays here for a while? Jake didn't take this very well.

Pattie: Yeah of course Justin. You're always welcome Alison! Act like you're home!

Alison: Thank you Pattie

We went to Justin's bedroom and I put my bag on the floor.

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