More than friends

In this story Justin isn't famous

Alison: A 17 year old girl from Florida

Justin: A 18 year old boy, from Canada.

They were best friends, but then one of them spoke the truth. What is happening now?
Beware of string language, sexual acts, drama and love.


7. White Chicks

Alison: What?

Jake: Leave Justin, or he'll get hurt.

Alison: Jake, I'm never leaving Justin! I'll rather die than leave him! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM! NOW LEAVE.

Justin: Baby where are you? Are you coming and cuddle with me again?

Alison: I'm over here baby, Jake is here to.




Justin: Come on baby, let's go back to bed.

He pushed Jake out the door and locked it. He pulled me into a tight hug. He lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He had a tight grip on my ass. I laughed and kissed him. He walked upstairs and laid me on the bed. Then we fell asleep.


Next day

Chaz: Sooo, Justin. When can we meet you new girlfriend?

Ryan: Yeah? When? Is she hot?

They didn't know I was standing on the other side of the door. I laughed

Ryan: Is she good in bed?

Justin: We haven't had sex yet, she's a virgin and I want to make her first time special. BABY, ARE YOU COMIMG DOWN?

I walked out the door.

Justin: Guys meet Alison, my best friend and girlfriend.

Chaz: So that's the girl you've been talking about? I looked at Justin and he blushed.

Alison: Aww baby, why are you blushing? I kissed his cheek.

Ryan: Damn Justin, She fine man

Justin: Beware bro, one wrong move and I'll break your fingers. He laughed a little.

Chaz came over to me: Hi, I'm Chaz. I'm Justin's best friend he smiled and we shook hands.

Alison: Hi Chaz, I've heard a lot about you when me and Justin was just friends. He laughed and blushed.

Then Ryan came over to me: Hi Alison, I'm Ryan. Justin best friend also. I laughed.

Chaz: So, how long have you guys been together?

Justin: We've been together in a month. I've always loved her, I was just scared that she didn't feel the same way.

Alison: I did feel the same way, look at us now Justin. I kissed him and pulled out of the kiss with a smile.

Ryan: Is she a good kisser? He made kissing lips and turned in my direction.

Alison: Whoah pretty boy. Easy now.

Justin: I'm the only person that can kiss her okay?

Chaz: Okay man, we get it.. you love her! He smiled at me

Chaz (count): Do you guys want to watch a movie? We can order one.

Alison: Sure, I'll make popcorn. When I came back in Chaz and Ryan laid in the small sofa and Justin laid in the big one.

Justin: Come over here baby. Come cuddle!

Alison: Sure. What are we watching?

Ryan: White chicks

We all burst into laughter.

Alison: Seriously, who chose that? They all pointed at Chaz. Like I didn't know that lol.

Justin: Plaay it Ryan! The movie started and I have never laughed as much as this night! The boys tried to make parodies and it was so funny seriously!

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