More than friends

In this story Justin isn't famous

Alison: A 17 year old girl from Florida

Justin: A 18 year old boy, from Canada.

They were best friends, but then one of them spoke the truth. What is happening now?
Beware of string language, sexual acts, drama and love.


1. More than friends?

Jake: Come on Alison, we have to go now! I have a surprise for you!

Alison: What? I'm ready in a minute! What surprise?

Jake: God, you're so slowly! Wait and see!

Alison (yelling): JAKE! TELL ME!

Jake: No Ali, I'm not telling you! It would just ruin it all!

Ugh, he's such an ass sometimes!

I walked down 5 minutes later and walked straight out to the car.

Jake: Ready?

Alison: Yes, I think. Can you at least tell me where we are driving?

Jake: No Alison, I won't tell you that! It has to stay that way, okay?

We drove in silence and it felt like hours, I looked at my phone and sighed.

Jake: Whats up sis? Why are you sighing?

Alison: Because Justin's doesn't text me back. I looked down, I missed him, he was my best friend. My eyes started to tear up.

Jake: Don't cry Ali, he's probably doing something important or talking with Pattie..

Alison: I just miss him, I haven't seen him since he left Florida to go to Houston.. I almost cried now.

Alison (continued): He's my best friend! U know that! Don't you miss him to? You two are like brothers Jake!

Jake: of course I miss him to Ali, but don't cry sissy!

I continued crying.

We drove for about an hour and talked. We sang along to Ariana Grandes song " One Last Time ". I loved that song! We laughed at each other when we sang the wrong lyric! We haven't had this much fun I a while!

Jake: Were here Ali.

Alison: Where are we Jake? - he didn't answer


Just as I said that I felt strong arms around my waist. And herd a familiar voice

Voice: Are you sure you want to go home Ali?

I turned around and saw my best friend standing me

Alison: Justin? I cried and ran over to him. I hugged him like he's been gone for years.

Alison (cont): I've missed you so much Justin! I cried until his shirt. Happy tears of course though. He was holding me tight.

Justin: I've missed you to sweetie. He looked down at me and smiled. He hugged me even tighter. I stopped crying and Jake came over to us.

Jake: Hey bro, I'm sorry but I have to leave. Sofia just called and asked me to come. See you around! Are you coming Alison?

Justin: Wait, let me drive her home, I've miss her, she's my best friend! I promise I won't do anything to her Jake! Can I?

Jake: of course Justin, if it's okay with you A...

Alison: Yes, I would love to spend some time with you Justin! I interrupted Jakes sentence.

Jake: Okay Ali, be safe! I'll be home later sis, bye Justin

Justin: Bye bro, I'll take care of her!

Jake left, so now it's just me and Justin. He lifted me up, and I pulled my legs around his waist. He kissed my cheek

Alison: Why did you kiss my cheek?

Justin: Because I've missed you! Now follow me please!

I followed Justin into the woods. There were blankets and a picnic basket. Wow, did he do this for me?

Justin: Sid down Ali

I did what he told me to. He sad down next to me and I have him a hug more! I've really missed him!

Justin: Ali..... uhmm. I don't know where to start but I want to tell you something. He was nervous I could tell.

Justin (cont): I-I- I'm so happy that y-you ca-came became-here tonight. While I was in Houston I thought of you most of the time. A-and, I j-j-just want you to know that, I-I-I-I think I have feelings for y-you.. He started crying.

Alison: Don't cry Justin, I've been thinking about you to. The last six months of my life has been a hell, I've needed you by my side! But I knew you were out of town, so I cried my self to sleep every night! I started crying now.

Justin: Ali? Can I ask you a question?

Alison: of course Justin!

Justin: Will you be my girlfriend?

I was out of words, I've been dreaming about this moment since I met him!

Alison: Of course Justin! Of course I will! He looked happy, he bend over me and kissed my nose.

Alison (cont): Can I get one on my lips? I laughed while saying that and so did Justin, he bend down again and kissed my lips.

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