More than friends

In this story Justin isn't famous

Alison: A 17 year old girl from Florida

Justin: A 18 year old boy, from Canada.

They were best friends, but then one of them spoke the truth. What is happening now?
Beware of string language, sexual acts, drama and love.


3. Ali cuts?

Next morning


I woke up, Justin was still asleep. It knocked on the door, and Jake walked in.

Jake: Ali, can we talk?

Alison: Of course.

I walked outside and talked with him.

Jake: I know you love him but...

he didn't get to say more because just a minute after we walked out of my door Justin came out.

Jake: Hi bro, I'm sorry for what I said yesterday man. I just don't want you to hurt my sissy!

Justin: Where is she? Where is my baby? I miss her. I could see he was half asleep.

Alison: Juju I'm over here.

I felt him wrap his arms around my stomach. His body was warm.

Justin: Don't ever leave me again!

Alison: Baby, I didn't leave you. Jake wanted to talk to me. I'm never leaving you!

Jake: Ali, don't fall to hard. Things that fall usually break..

Alison: Jake, shut up. If you're going to be an ass about this relationship then leave us the fuck alone!

Jake: Sis, I didn't mean it like that!

Justin: Baby, it doesn't matter. Come on, let's go inside again! He lifted me of the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I bend down and kissed him. He laid me on the bed and laid down next to me. He wrapped his arms around my stomach, and I felt his fingers on one of my scars.

Justin: what the hell?

He lifted my shirt up and looked at my stomach. He saw the scars on my hips.

Alison: Justin, don't..

Justin: Baby? Why in the world would you ever hurt yourself? He was about to cry. It hurt me inside. I looked at him

Alison: Justin... I-I-I'm sorry. I ran to the bathroom and sat down. A few seconds later Justin walked into me. I just sat there on the floor with the razor blade in my hand. Justin looked at me and started crying.

Justin: Ali don't! Please baby, it kills me inside to see this!

I felt bad for making him crying

Justin (cont): Baby, you're beautiful just the way you are. You're perfect! I love you! You're the best thing that have ever happened to me! I was so scared that you would say no to me when I asked you to be my girlfriend. What? Why would he doubt that I would be his girlfriend? I started crying also. I felt arms around Me.

Alison: Why would you doubt that I would be your girlfriend?

Justin: Because I didn't think that you liked me. I thought you'd only be friends. It killed me inside the time I was in Houston. I missed you so much! I love you

Alison: It killed me to Justin. But why don't we get dressed and not talk about me saying no to you okay?

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