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1. why we should believe

I think that JK Rowling is to be trusted. I want none of this shipping thing. I think that the books an the movies are perfect. These things are not to be questioned when a woman has spent twenty years putting her heart in soul into a story, just for our enjoyment. Just imagine how many questions the poor lady gets asking about why so and so ended up together. People dying that they thought that Draco and Hermione were a good couple or Harry and Hermione were great together. Instead of believing in the universe that JK Rowling has set up for is, I recon its not fair that we come up with things on our own. Do you think JK had herself in mind when she was writing the books? No she was thinking about the enjoyment of the audience that she was writing for. Has anyone else noticed that as the books progresses, so did her wording skills and the themes of the books. She was writing for us as we grew up alongside Harry, Hermione and Ron. She grew the books as we grew, she explained how to say things as nobody else got them. Her-mion-ee or as she said as she accepted a French award: Voldemort is pronounced Voldemore. His name means flee from death in French. This is something that very few Potterheads know.

Also, not many people know that Lily Potter was pregnant with Harry's sibling when she was killed. Or that the actor that plays George Weasley (one of the Phelps twins) actually thought the scene where he was acting out his brothers death was real. Or that there was six actors that played Voldemort over the years that they where filming. Or that every mirror is the mirror of erised for George Weasley because the deepest desire of his heart was to have his twin back. Or that Alan Rickman, who plays professor Snape married Emma Thompson ( professor Trelawney). Or that the boa constrictor Harry let out of the zoo in the first book ended up being Nagini. Or that when the Potters where murdered, Voldemort's body was killed so when Serius Black and Hagrid go to get baby Harry, they actually see three bodies on the ground instead of two.

Now, you may say that you knew all of this, but the thing is, you have to search deep down to the depths of the Internet to find these things.

JK Rowling had to come with all of this by herself while she suffered from depression, single parenting, break ups and divorced. But, if she hadn't been through these things, we wouldn't have the original Harry Potter stories that we know and love today.

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