Melodies Of Love

"We met, we laugh, we held on fast, and then we said good-bye..."


5. We Met

And that is how it began.

A boy who was so annoying when he first started helping me. He asked to ride on my back. The answer was.... no. I was not going to let him.

That was cool. He ended up being the Royal Healer. When he told me that well... I thought... Great! I'm so dead!

I stole the Royal Healer!

His parents died when he was at age five. The other Healer took him in when he found him all alone. But, he died some years ago. When he was just 15.

I told him a lie about my parents. I didn't want him to know about my real story. I told him that they were Werewolf's and had died when my house was set on fire by the villagers. Someone saved me and raised me. And now I'm here trying to help villagers.

He said that was really nice of me and that I should be treated more nicely. I just laughed.

Once he caught me crying. He just came over to me and calmed me down.

I just heard him talking to me. About all the fun things he has done with me. About everything he has learned with me.

"You are more than what you think you are... I've learned so many things with you. I'm glad I'm with you... Alina."

I looked into his eyes and they were full of a sad joy emotion.

Like something bad was going to happen.

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