Melodies Of Love

"We met, we laugh, we held on fast, and then we said good-bye..."


4. Leave!

I turn to him with death in my eyes. I walked up to him.

"I need no one! I can handle things myself," I turn and start to walk away.

"I can see you can handle yourself... after you passed out after using magic!! The guards would have killed you if I haven't moved you!" he crossed his arms. I stop.

"I owe you one... thanks... do what you want!" I start to walk and turn to my wolf form. A black wolf with blue ear tips and a blue tip on my tail. With silver fur on my muzzle and my underbelly.

"Wow... I now see why they feared you," he called behind me.

"Are you afraid of me? Afraid that I might bite you?!" I jump up on him. And licked him.

"Hey what was that for?!" he "threw" me off him.

"Sorry. What is your name?" I got close to him.

He looked up to the sky. "Ziz'o. Yours is Alina?... Right?" he bends over me to pat my head.

"Stop. And yes it is Alina," I start to walk and he follows.

"Where are we going?" he asked me once the moon fell.

"We... I'm going to help other villages," I walk faster.

"Ok... let's go!" He takes off running.

I smile and started running with him.

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