Melodies Of Love

"We met, we laugh, we held on fast, and then we said good-bye..."


3. Heal, NOW!

I get up coughing. Next to me was Healer. I groan.

"I want to sleep..." I turn around.

"What happened out there?" he made me turn over.

"I don't know," I pull the cover over my head. Leave me alone.

"That was magic!" He now made me get up.

"OK! OK! Yes, it was magic! I used it to save you guys, now let me sleep!" I was about to go to bed when.

"You are to come with us... Alina," I turn. Again with this! I grab Healer and his bag and ran into the forest.

"I thought you were tired!" he yells at me.

"I was tired!" I ran even faster. After a while, I lost them. I stopped and sat down.

"Thanks... for... saving my life," he looks at me. I look down.

"I do that a lot. You can leave now if you want to," I look around to find a lot of trees. A lot of them.

"I want to stay with you." he looks at me again. I went red.

"I don't think you'll live to see dawn after you do that," I smile at him.

"What is that supposed to mean!?"

"I don't know... Alone for a while, I've been searching through the dark. Why would I need you now of all times?" I look down blushing.

"Yes or no?"


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