Melodies Of Love

"We met, we laugh, we held on fast, and then we said good-bye..."


2. Dragon

I look over the trees and sure enough, there comes a dragon flying.

"Oh great... good... it's just him," I take out my sword.

"What do you mean 'Just him'?" The boy grabs my hand. "Long story short, he hates me... a lot!" I ran after the dragon.

"ARE YOU CRAZY!!?? DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH!!!??" he yelled over the screams of children and the wind howling.

I smirk. I jumped and started to fly after the Dragon. I could imagine the Healers face. I smile. I flew to the Dragon.

"Leave before I kill you!" I yell at him. Yes 'him'.

He turns to me. His eyes in anger. He turns to his human form.

"YOU!" he pointed at me and took out his sword.

"Come on... can't we be friends?" I smile at him. He gave a death glare. "I'll take that as a no."

He flys to me at full strength. He really wants me dead. I swing my sword to stop the blow. I jump and strike back. I then go full speed. He looks down and spots Healer. He smiles.

My eyes go wide. "Don't you dare!" I follow him. "Move out the way! HEALER!" his eyes went wide and froze.

Stupid Healer! I passed the Dragon and swing again.

I can't believe I'm going to do this.

"Haru sho ko cari, vizo, Quirio Sou!" I put my hands in front of me like a stop sign.

Everything then goes black.

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