Old Scars

The world is in grave danger. The Three Ancients, three gods that hold unmeasurable power, have been brought to their knees in the wake of the Last Battle, leaving them vulnerable. A new God, Topu, is trying to worm his way in, while one of the Three Ancients, Mirrian, has nearly faded away entirely, having sacrificed himself to save Fen, an Ancient who had been held prisoner. Meanwhile, Piad, the last of the Ancients, has lost all his alliances and is struggling to manage the brunt of his power on his own. But all is not lost, Praa, a minor goddess, has come out of hiding after nearly forty years.

Runa, a young mortal girl and once lover of Mirrian, struggles to right the wrongs and stop Topu, with the help of Praa and a small her band of allies, Cyepa and Jidi, all while grieving over the loss of Mirrian.

-undergoing editing!!! But essentially, all chapters are finished.-


9. Chapter 8



I use the amulet given to me by Mirrian to track down Fen, who swears himself to our cause in a heartbeat. He shows us where to find Piad, who in turn joins us. 

Allix comes next, who flat out refuses, even though he was once against Topu. Now he has given up. We have better luck with the mostly silent Eva, who's dark aura pulsates around us. 

She agrees to help, and we set back out to return to the human world. We will battle Topu in a matter of days. 

We reach the camp we had set up a few hours after the others, who have only managed to recruit Dirial, Breka and Mejan having allied with Topu. 

Sadness wells up within me. I will have to confront the scars of the past, all those old scars long faded, reopening wounds I had long thought had healed. 

I would have to face Mirrian's death, and I would have to face the man who'd caused it. 

We discuss strategy. We are going to storm Topu's palace, the House of Bones, in four days. One for each year since Mirrian's death. 

We help train Dirial, who is least skilled in combat. Jidi, Cyepa, Praa and Fen work with her, while Eva, Piad and I embark on a hunt for food. 

The four days swing by in a blur, and so, on the fourth morning we awake, ready to fight.

We are all outfitted with daggers and swords, Eva choosing a long and slender silver sword, engraved with symbols. Fen opts for a set of double gold daggers, while Piad in turn uses his signature weapon, a whip of sunlight. Praa chooses a set of light silver knives, glistening in the sunlight.

Piad, with his loose brown hair and humorous green eyes does not appear ready to battle, in stark contrast to Eva, who's black hair falls around her face, her body squeezed into a medieval looking armour dress, her shoulders cloaked in a billowing black cape. 

I choose a sword and a dagger, clasping the dagger in my left and and sword in my right. And with that, we are prepared for battle.

The House of Bones is guarded by Topu's own personal army, a battalion of skeletons brought to life and vengeful spirits, as Topu is the god of skeletons and souls. We will need to fight our way through, then infiltrate the palace and hopefully destroy Topu.

We set out, our anger a brighter blaze than the morning sun. 





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