Old Scars

The world is in grave danger. The Three Ancients, three gods that hold unmeasurable power, have been brought to their knees in the wake of the Last Battle, leaving them vulnerable. A new God, Topu, is trying to worm his way in, while one of the Three Ancients, Mirrian, has nearly faded away entirely, having sacrificed himself to save Fen, an Ancient who had been held prisoner. Meanwhile, Piad, the last of the Ancients, has lost all his alliances and is struggling to manage the brunt of his power on his own. But all is not lost, Praa, a minor goddess, has come out of hiding after nearly forty years.

Runa, a young mortal girl and once lover of Mirrian, struggles to right the wrongs and stop Topu, with the help of Praa and a small her band of allies, Cyepa and Jidi, all while grieving over the loss of Mirrian.

-undergoing editing!!! But essentially, all chapters are finished.-


8. Chapter 7



We waste a day then sink into sleep once again, yet I yearn to move. To run and dance through the trees in a different form. 

We rarely talk about our differences, myself being Lupine, Jidi the half-pixie and Runa's Arben heritage. It makes no difference to us. 

I sleep through the night, dreaming of earthen things like trees and mud, then awake to a sun streaked sky. 

We go our separate ways, venturing to find allies. I shift into wolf form while Jidi trots along behind me, human in body but not spirit. 

Magic hums through her, but she is useless without a wand. She wears one strapped to her hip, carved from sun blanched birch wood and carved with intricate symbols. 

She doesn't use magic often, but I know she does sometimes. 

We track down Dirial in a town called Magasho, and she agrees to help us defeat Topu with some slight hesitation. But Jidi seems most uncomfortable, and when it's on our way to find Breka and possibly another mortal titled Mejan, that she pulls me aside. 

"I don't think Topu is bad. I don't think he needs to be stopped." She whispers bluntly, afraid Dirial will overhear. 

"He does. He imprisoned Fen and was the reason Mirrian sacrificed himself. He is trying to take over the empire of the Three Ancients. He needs to be stopped." I return. 

"I don't think I does." 


After a while, we continue on our way. We track down Breka and Mejan, who both refused to join our cause, having sworn alliance to Topu already. 

Defeated, we make our way back, with only Dirial to aid us. 





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