Old Scars

The world is in grave danger. The Three Ancients, three gods that hold unmeasurable power, have been brought to their knees in the wake of the Last Battle, leaving them vulnerable. A new God, Topu, is trying to worm his way in, while one of the Three Ancients, Mirrian, has nearly faded away entirely, having sacrificed himself to save Fen, an Ancient who had been held prisoner. Meanwhile, Piad, the last of the Ancients, has lost all his alliances and is struggling to manage the brunt of his power on his own. But all is not lost, Praa, a minor goddess, has come out of hiding after nearly forty years.

Runa, a young mortal girl and once lover of Mirrian, struggles to right the wrongs and stop Topu, with the help of Praa and a small her band of allies, Cyepa and Jidi, all while grieving over the loss of Mirrian.

-undergoing editing!!! But essentially, all chapters are finished.-


6. Chapter 5



Something shifts inside me, a rare hope igniting. And burning. 

I race towards the mountains, a token of the gods on earth. The place where Praa is rumoured to live in solace.

In the timeframe between an eternity and a heartbeat, we reach the mountains. We just need to find the right one, where Praa hides. 

We hike for hours, before a cave comes into view. Distant and faint, but the only one we've seen through all the peaks and valleys. It grows more pronounced as we draw nearer, Jidi near collapse, Cyepa beaming with seemingly endless energy. 

We reach the cave, and pause for rest. 

Once Jidi has regained some strength, and Cyepa has pulled her excitement under control, we enter. 

It is dark, but not at all like I'd expected. 

From the outside, it looked like any other cave. From the inside, it look liked a cabin in the woods, crossed with a gypsy hut. 

A fire burns in a fireplace in the far right corner, filling the cavern with light and warmth. The hard rock of the uneven cave floor is covered with woven rugs and tapestries, ranging in colours from bright orange, to sunset pink and aquamarine blue. A table sits towards one side of the room, carved from ancient oak. Incense decorates the air. 

The scent of earthen spices, floral aromas and ripened berries drifts throughout the chamber. Tapestries depicting scenes of love and death are hung from the walls, and my eyes are drawn to one in particular. 

One depicting Mirrian's death. 

"What brings you here?" I soft voice demands, as Praa steps from the shadows. 

Her hair is messy, and looks as if it's last cut was delivered by a butcher knife. It is orange, blue, pink, yellow, teal and red, streaks that slash through it with no pattern. She is hauntingly beautiful, skin pale and silken, eyes golden brown and warm, inviting. 

"We seek your alliance to our cause, to defeat Topu and avenge Mirrian." I state, meeting her golden gaze. 

"And how would I be of help? Lowly goddess of forbidden love?" She inquires, voice soft as birdsong and harsh with anger and raw emotion. 

"It is rumoured that you have the ability to sense other peoples emotions. This is a useful skill when determining where our allies lay, and you are a goddess, which in itself is incredible." I keep my tone level, my voice flat, despite the fast beating of my heart. 

"I'm with you. I want nothing more to avenge Mirrian, a dear friend of mine, and I feel unrestrained anger and hate for Topu." She studies us, and I feel her gaze particularly focused on me. "You're Mirrian's human lover." 

No question to her voice. She knows. 

Tears threaten to fall freely from my eyes as sadness rips through me, which then hardens into a bright and burning anger. Anger at Topu. Anger at the world. 

"Yes, I am."

"Then I am with you even more." 


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