Old Scars

The world is in grave danger. The Three Ancients, three gods that hold unmeasurable power, have been brought to their knees in the wake of the Last Battle, leaving them vulnerable. A new God, Topu, is trying to worm his way in, while one of the Three Ancients, Mirrian, has nearly faded away entirely, having sacrificed himself to save Fen, an Ancient who had been held prisoner. Meanwhile, Piad, the last of the Ancients, has lost all his alliances and is struggling to manage the brunt of his power on his own. But all is not lost, Praa, a minor goddess, has come out of hiding after nearly forty years.

Runa, a young mortal girl and once lover of Mirrian, struggles to right the wrongs and stop Topu, with the help of Praa and a small her band of allies, Cyepa and Jidi, all while grieving over the loss of Mirrian.

-undergoing editing!!! But essentially, all chapters are finished.-


3. Chapter 2



Once upon a time, there was a set of gods and goddesses. Three rose above the rest, older and more powerful. They was Fen, god of eternity, Piad, god of day and Mirrian god of night. They ruled peacefully, and many humans devoted themselves to them. But all was not well. A new god arose, young but powerful. This was Topu, god of skeletons and souls.

He improvised Fen in a secret realm, called the Realm of Memories, where everyone's memories are collected when they die. It is a treacherous place. As you venture through it, you will see your own memories and those of others replaying over and over again. It is maddening. Topu sealed Fen in a Garridian box, a tomb only capable of being opened and closed by a high price, a soul. 

Topu, being god of souls, had no problem sealing him in there. The only way to get him out was for one to sacrifice ones own self.

Which is what Mirrian did.

He was found at the site of Fen's prison, clutching a sacrificial dagger, bleeding gold onto the dead ground of the Realm of Memories, his life already having faded away. 

He was found by his human lover, a girl by the name of Runa. They shared a bond unlike any other, and when the dagger had plunged into Mirrian's heart, Runa had felt the pain as if it were her own and had came running.

So Fen had been freed, at the price of his brothers life.

A little while later, Piad lost all his alliances and was left stranded. 

Topu gleaned even more power.

And I, Praa, the cowardly goddess of forbidden love, had stayed hidden though all of this.

But that was about to change.


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