Old Scars

The world is in grave danger. The Three Ancients, three gods that hold unmeasurable power, have been brought to their knees in the wake of the Last Battle, leaving them vulnerable. A new God, Topu, is trying to worm his way in, while one of the Three Ancients, Mirrian, has nearly faded away entirely, having sacrificed himself to save Fen, an Ancient who had been held prisoner. Meanwhile, Piad, the last of the Ancients, has lost all his alliances and is struggling to manage the brunt of his power on his own. But all is not lost, Praa, a minor goddess, has come out of hiding after nearly forty years.

Runa, a young mortal girl and once lover of Mirrian, struggles to right the wrongs and stop Topu, with the help of Praa and a small her band of allies, Cyepa and Jidi, all while grieving over the loss of Mirrian.

-undergoing editing!!! But essentially, all chapters are finished.-


2. Chapter 1



I felt it like a knife in my own heart. I knew the very instant it happened. 

Mirrian, my love, was dead. 

I still haven't finished grieving, four years later. But in his last moments, he had given me the greatest gift he could give, a token of his love. He had given me his immortality. 

That is why, over the last four years, I haven't aged a day. But I could still be injured, just like he could. Sometimes I wonder what would of happened if Mirrian had kept his immortality, but I knew nothing would have changed.

Immortality was the gift of time, not invincibility. And nothing could bring Mirrian back. 

Why had he fallen for a human girl like me anyways? He was a god, I was mortal. But I didn't care then, and I don't care now. I love Mirrian. 

But I don't live in the past, at least, I tell myself I don't. 

I stand beside a lake now, a lake of cool blue after and icy depths. I dive into the crystal clear water, losing myself in the cool depths of its aquatic embrace. I swim, quickly, with precision to my strokes. 

Jidi, a friend and ally of mine, glides along next to me, one of my few friends. She has no idea of my immortality, nor the fact I was Mirrian's secret lover, but that was another life. 

In truth, I was three hundred years old. I was an Arben, capable of living for over six centuries, but never looking older than twenty. Now thanks to Mirrian's gift of immortality, I wouldn't even have to worry about the six hundred years. 

I would never die.

Unless killed.

Like Mirrian. 

My two allies, and friends, are Jidi and Cyepa. Jidi is an Arben, and Cyepa a human-goddess hybrid, daughter of a mortal man and Evai, goddess of mistruth, who had tricked a mortal man into thinking she was just another average human, and they had fallen in love. A story I would have doubted if not for my love for Mirrian. 

Arbens were a secret race, gifted with longevity by the gods, who humans new no hint of. We could live for six hundred years, never got sick, and were capable of minor spells. 

Jidi and Cyepa both were faithful to the Three Ancients, the three supreme gods. 

Piad, the god of day.

Fen, the god of eternity.


...Mirrian, the god night. 


But there was also Topu, a new comer, who threatened to destroy the balance in the world.


I continue to swim, unaware of what awaits. 


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