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"Brandi please don't leave" I yelled "I gave you two chances to many Sky and you didn't tell me to stay" she cried "I'm Sorry" was the last thing I said to my best friend since that day and I haven't seen her for three years.

Sky Anderson is your average popular lots of friends and captain of the cheer squad with her hot quarterback boyfriend with boys on the side. She wasn't always like that. Not until her best friend Brandi left when sky needed her the most. She was and still is depressed.

Brandi Harper is your typical "nerd" not to many friends and captain of the tennis team cute basketball boyfriend. She was not always like this she used to be popular she used to be happy. Not since she left her best friend Sky when sky needed her. She is now depressed.

Sky is a cutter
Brandi starves herself

When they see each other again for the first time in three years can they forgive each other? Will more secrets come out? But most importantly can they save each other?


1. prologue

Sky's POV

"Sky Brandi is here" my mom yelled "okay send her up" I yelled back. I'm scared. Scared to tell her the truth I'm afraid she'll leave I'm afraid she'll hate me.

Brandi's POV

"Sky Brandi is here" Mrs. Anderson called "okay send her up" she yelled back. Sky called me here and told me she had to tell me some thing important. I'm kinda scared to be honest she hasn't talked to me in three days not since the party we went to together and she disappeared for a couple hours.

Sky's POV

Okay I have to tell her her I slept with her boyfriend . So how the hell do you tell your best friend since birth you slept with her boyfriend? "Hey Brandi" I said "hey sky blue how are you?" She asked calling me by her nickname she gave me in middle school. "Not good Brandi bandit" I said being totally honest I mean how could I be good I slept with her boyfriend. "Brandi I slept with Tyler that night" I said crying. "Ok we broke up but that's a dumb move Tyler is a douche he probably begged you to have sex with him he's wanted to for the longest time" she replied. "He told me it was ok that I was pretty that I was wanted. He told me I could stop. Told me that wrist were for bracelets not cutting. I just caved and he took advantage of my emotional state. He told me to tell you that I willingly slept with him but I didn't." I was full on crying and Brandi was tense and angry. Oh my god I just told her my secret I told her I cut."Why"

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