You Suck Less Than Most People [LARRY]


2. 2 - Penchant



a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something


Hobbling into A4 for his scheduled detention, Louis nearly laughed in disbelief. A few months ago, this room would have been full to the brim with misbehaved children, the population so high that most students could not find chairs to accommodate them, but rather stood up for the full hour. It was getting to the point where his classes were racing to detention, just to guarantee themselves a seat. Now, in front of him sat merely four equally glum students.

The fact that the academic year was drawing to a close, and the more profanely behaved students had worked out that the worst the teachers could be bothered to do was to make a phone call to your parents documenting the incident - and even then, this was hardly done any more due to the sheer number of heavily

intoxicated, curt replies and threats they were receiving, the students, and soon after the teachers, just stopped caring.

Still, Louis knew that by not attending he risked a rather terrifying phone call to his mother, who, as a demanding, strict parent, would most likely ground him for the rest of time, he decided an hour of total boredom was worth it.

Detention was run by a meek, small man named Mr Demply, a man who came from a sparsely populated welsh village, and obviously not used to such rash, outlandish behaviour, meant the students went mainly unmonitored. The professor much too captivating by the screen of his phone to notice if the students were conversing.

Louis took his seat on the third row back, just in front of a guy who seemed to be staring too intently at his maths homework

to belong in detention. Shrugging it off, he placed his earphones in and started listening to his current favourite musical, Hamilton, drowning out the surrounding noise.

Just as he got through the opening notes of 'Dear Theodosia,' he felt a rough piece of paper jab him in the back.

Tugging his headphones out, he turned around, expecting to see one of the school's notorious 'bad guys' teasing him again.

Instead he locked eyes with the boy behind him, who grinned deviously and stared at the fallen paper aeroplane that had fallen at the side of Louis' desk.

Louis couldn't refuse - how could he ignore that huge, boyish smile. The other boy's actions had exhibited no malice whatsoever, and Louis decided in that single moment, that he trusted him.

He proceeded to pick up the note and smooth it out carefully on his desk. The note simply read "Hi, I'm Harry," with a comical smiley face next to it.

Louis turned around again, and this time returned the smile.

"Louis," he mouthed.

Harry tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear and continued to bite the end of his pencil.

"Hey, do you want to get coffee after this? It's on me."

Louis contemplated for a moment, it was the first time in months he'd been asked to go out somewhere with someone, only if he'd just met this guy.

"Do you make a habit of propositioning random strangers for coffee with awfully made paper aeroplanes?"

"Only the nice ones."

"Then it's settled. A coffee date it is!"

Harry blushed, suddenly regaining interest in his calculus papers. It was only then that Louis had realised what he had said.

"Sorry! I didn't mean like a date-date I meant like a friend-date I just thought that we- that- oh god, I've been talking to you for under a minute and I've already messed it up. I totally didn't mean it like that at all!"

"Whatever you say, babe," Harry grinned once again, flashing crystal white teeth, wondering how far he could push this.

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