☆ once upon a one night stand ☽

After meeting a guy named Drew on a very drunken night at the club, things get a little out of hand and before Brooklyn knows it, her whole world changes. She never thought she'd be pregnant, 18 and single.

And...she also never Imagined it would be with pop star Justin Drew Bieber.


2. Chapter 2 - ''What should I call him? Sex goddess?''

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     I ring Dani as soon as my phone has some charge, Drew has the same phone as me so I borrowed the charger whilst he was gone.

     ''Brooklyn.'' Dani's voice was stern, ''I can't believe you!-

     ''I know!'' I say interrupting her with a high pitch of shock, I clench the bed sheets against my bare chest, ''This is so unlike me. But he left a note next to me when I woke up to say he was gonna run an errand to the studio and then pick up some Starbucks for breakfast.'' I tell her, ''I can barely remember what he looks like Dani, I'm never drinking again.'' I groan


     ''Wait you don't remember what he looks like? Are you okay?...''

     I chuckle, ''Oh... I remember that. In fact, it's hard not to when it was everywhere, we barely slept.'' A giggle escapes my lips, ''He's so nice. Did you know he's Canadian?''


     ''Who doesn't know his Canadian?''

     I hum, ''I'm not good with accents when I'm drunk I guess.'' 

     ''Well I got a selfie with Drake right before I got kicked out of VIP. Then Luke drank too much and puked all over my apartment.'' Dani sounds pissed.


     ''I wonder if Drew is with Drake in the studio now. He did say he has to run an errand there.'' I think out loud.

     ''Or maybe he's in the studio for himself.'' Dani laughs Iike I'm the dumbest idiot on the planet, ''And why do you call him Drew?'' She was confused which made me ten times more confused.


     ''What should I call him? Sex goddess?'' I laugh at my own joke as it seems Dani starts to argue with Luke.

Taking the bed sheet with me since my dress was nowhere to be seen, I walk to the bathroom to turn the bath on.

     I squeeze some hotel bubble bath in the water as I hear Dani and Luke arguing about her Gucci handbag he puked in last night.

     ''Oh crap, this is the kind of hotel that charge to use their stuff isn't it...'' I mumble looking at the price list to see the bubble bath was $55.


     ''Dani... This bubble bath is $55!'' I almost scream, she begins laughing, ''Rich people for ya. I bet babes buys ten of those a visit.'' She says making me even more confused, ''Why are you calling him babes?''

     ''Biebs, Brooke. I'm calling him Biebs. You're acting so weird. First, you don't remember what he looks like, then you don't know he's Canadian. Then you call him Drew... Not only every fangirl in the world but every girl In the world would wanna be in your position. Yet you're being so odd. Oh yeah and thanks for telling me it was Justin. I had to have Drake tell me in the two minutes I had with him and then I turn around and you're gone with the fucking hottest pop star on the planet!''


     I drop my phone as I gasp, ''No.no.no.no. This is not happening.'' I let all sink in. My actions from the second I met Justin Bieber to now.


     ''Oh my god, he's probably laughing at me right now! I didn't recognise him, he got a haircut and he doesn't look like himself.'' I whimper softly, the vivid memory of me dissing every artist ''but Drake'' comes into mind.


     I put the phone to my ear again, ''Oh my God.'' I repeat, mortified, ''How did I not know?! Who knew he was so fucking hot? Okay. okay. Fuck the $55 bath, I need to find my clothes and run.'' Dani somehow finds me funny and bursts out laughing, ''Oh my gosh Brooke, just stay and wait for him to come back.''


     ''If you're as bad in heels as last night, good luck with running.'' I spin around, dropping my phone from shock the second time.

     This time it doesn't go too well. My screen cracks and Justin looks like a guilty school kid who got caught stealing an extra cookie.

     ''I probably shouldn't have sneaked up on you like that...'' He itches the back of his neck and this is the first time I get a good look at him to which I heave a sigh, ''How did I not recognise you?'' I tilt my head, ''You're clearly Justin Bieber. Jesus Christ, I'm blind as a bat.''

     ''I mean what can I say?'' He purses his lips together, taking the opportunity to look at me with the sheet around me, ''So you think I'm hot?'' He smirks as my face burns up.


     We get interrupted by the sound of falling water.

     Then his eyes widen, ''The bath!'' He runs over to turn the bath off, the same bath that is overflowing since I was just simply a dumbass.

     ''I am so sorry.'' I freak out, running to the towels to throw them onto the puddle.


     With a sigh I kneel down to the floor to clear up the mess my phone had made as well, ''You should've woke me up when you left. I've caused so much trouble.ugh,  I give myself a headache.'' I chuckle shaking my head.

     ''I'll get you a new phone.'' He states as I knot my eyebrows, ''No, no it's fine.'' I wave his offer off with my hand, ''I dropped it.''


     ''Yeah well I made you drop it.'' He interjects, ''And that gives me an excuse to take you to lunch. But that's after we have breakfast of course. I brought croissants and coffees.'' He gives me the cutest smile I can't help but feel butterflies at his kind gesture.

     ''That is the sweetest,'' I say, rising to my feet only to realise I was missing something. The sheet.

     ''You're still looking!'' I laugh at Justin, covering myself up quickly, ''Believe me, I saw it all last night.'' He smirks as I blush.


     I walk past him to get back to the bedroom, ''Do you have something I can wear?'' I ask him gently and he opens a draw then throws me a t-shirt of his and some shorts. Lifesaver.

     ''You're beautiful.'' He tells me, admiring me as he changes his shirt from the wardrobe and I change on the other side of the room.

     I instantly blush for what feels like the tenth time and I can tell he notices since he bites his lip, looking at me with a smirk, ''When you blush, your cheeks go instantly red and you look adorable.'' He explains to me, ''And when you're nervous, you suck your bottom lip in. And when you do them both together, it might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen.'' He was in front of me now, pushing a curl out of my face as he pecks my lips for no more than three seconds before releasing.

     It sent tingles down my body and this feeling reminded me of all last night. 


     ''I've never met someone who keeps me on my toes like you.You're feisty and sweet at the same time and I didn't know that was possible till I saw you tonight.'' he kisses my neck, running his hand down to my ass and keeping it there.

     ''You'll think a lot of things aren't possible until you know me,'' I say, meeting my lips with his and kissing him roughly.

     ''I wanna know you, Don't let this be a one night stand.'' He whispers in my ear, kissing me and then laying back down...

     ''It can't be a one-night stand - It's the morning,'' I whisper back, climbing on top of him.

''What's this now? round 5? But I mean who's counting right.'' He holds my waist as I position myself.


     ''You coming?'' He asks, snapping me out of my trance of last night, then gesturing to the table where breakfast was, I smile at the thought of Justin wanting to keep me around.

After lazing around after finishing breakfast, we find ourselves back in the bedroom, laying all over each other talking about life.

     ''So why weren't you honest straight up? What would've you done if I didn't recognise you?''

     He shrugs, ''I didn't plan this. But I knew this morning I didn't want you to leave. Plus I wanted the chance to explain myself.'' He explains as I smile.


     ''What is it about me? And without you jumping to compliments, let me explain quickly.'' I grin at him as he takes my hand and locks our fingers, ''Most guys get intimidated and don't like my personality. And by the past girlfriends you've been with, I'm a total opposite to them. So why me?'' I tilt my head curious

     ''They're past girlfriends for a reason. And you caught my eye all night. Do you actually think I walked downstairs to get a round of drinks because there weren't enough servers?''


     I gasp, ''What?!'' I playfully hit his shoulder, ''You didn't. That's crazy. So you saw a lonely 'curly haired babe' and you thought what?'' I pry

     ''I need to know her.'' He answers as I squeeze his hand grinning, ''I saw the way you didn't want a drink for the first like half hour then your friend handed you a shot and you did this thing with your face, where you bite your tongue and crinkle your eyes after you drank it and then I just knew I had to talk to you. You're just so innocent with the way you carry yourself. Well at least, you were until I realised you were a freak in the sheets.''

     I burst out laughing, ''You seem genuine the way you can explain in detail about seeing me just makes me feel special for once.'' He kisses the back of my hand making the butterflies in my stomach never-ending.


     ''The amount of exes who couldn't even tell me my eye colour.  I take back the whole 'only Drake is the real artist in the industry' and I'm happy you're showing me your true colours.'' I smile up at him.

     He squeezes my hand and I take the opportunity to take a picture of him holding my hand, ''Don't worry, your face isn't in it.'' I tell him, ''For now.'' He answers, ''You're not getting rid of me that easily.''



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