☆ once upon a one night stand ☽

After meeting a guy named Drew on a very drunken night at the club, things get a little out of hand and before Brooklyn knows it, her whole world changes. She never thought she'd be pregnant, 18 and single.

And...she also never Imagined it would be with pop star Justin Drew Bieber.


1. Chapter 1 - ''Feisty, I like it.''

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     My last day was a mix of emotions.

     Highschool: It's so many years of your life that you felt would never end. I remember thinking I genuinely wouldn't make it to senior year.

     Now I don't know if I'll make it in, whatever I choose to do. 

    How do people know what they wanted right away? I am so indecisive.


     ''Miss Jones. I hope you actually turn up for your last prom. Just making sure since you missed every other event possible: homecoming, parents evenings, international trips. Did you even attend here? I'm surprised you made it to graduation.'' My homeroom teacher jokes as I give her a sheepish smile.

     I wasn't one to take prom or a dance seriously. I'd rather stay at home with my best friend and eat pizza.

     ''I'll force her out of her bed Miss Morris, don't you worry.'' Danni says patting my back, ''Have the best time off, you deserve it for dealing with us. We'll see you at prom.'' She gives her a hug and then I give her one.


     ''Thanks Miss Morris, I'm so grateful for you. You're the reason I made it through high school.'' She gives my hand a squeeze and Danni and I start leaving the building.

     ''I'm never gonna miss this place. Like you said earlier, just the people.'' I tell Dani, unlocking my car.

     ''We actually did it, girl.'' She looks at me with a bright smile and I mirror it exactly, I put my convertible's roof down and play music on our favourite playlist.


     ''We're totally getting wasted tonight. And no you can't back out of it.'' She smirks at me as I roll my eyes, not exactly turning down the offer to get drunk and have a good time for once.

      Anything to get my mind of the fact that I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.



     ''You're not gonna be able to drive home.'' Dani tells me as I bite my straw to a cocktail that tasted of pure alcohol out of a bottle. I wasn't much of a drinker, not being legal and all.


     I wasn't much of a rule breaker either but here I was, letting Dani persuade me to sneak in the club her boyfriend works.

     Dani was gorgeous so it never surprised me that she got a 25-year-old boyfriend, two weeks after breaking up with her high school one.  


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     I tug on my white dress as it rides up my legs on the bar stool, watching Dani and her boyfriend Luke give each other heart eyes as he works behind the bar.


     Instead of the smell of sweat and alcohol around the club, a nice cologne enters my senses, ''Am I gonna have to watch you two love birds all day or can I get served?'' A guy hollers at Luke in a rude tone, ''You know there's a nice way to talk to people.'' I comment. My filter completely gone since I have a lot of drinks in me.


     ''Feisty. I like it.'' The guy smirks at me, he was wearing a cap and glasses so I couldn't take in his features. I fur my eyebrows at him, ''Who wears glasses inside?'' I chuckle, ''You're that kind of guy...'' I take a sip with a playful smile on my lips aimed at him.


     ''What's that supposed to mean?'' He wasn't paying attention to anything but me now but when I give no answer, it seems though it makes him more interested.

     He leans his elbow on the bar, nearing closer to my seat. He notices my nearly empty drink and looks up at Luke, ''Can I get a drink for this curly haired babe.'' I blush and feel all giddy instantly.


      ''And the same round for table 3 in the VIP lounge, I had to walk down because there's no servers.'' He says, his tone ending the same when he first hollered at  Luke, ''But  I'm not complaining.'' He turns to me as he says it to which I laugh at.

     ''Thanks for the drink...'' I tilt my head, ''Drew.'' He answers with a smile, ''Your name is?''

     ''Brooklyn.'' I offer my hand to which he shakes, his hand sends tingles through me as I attempt to shake it off.

''I finish in 5, we can go in the back and chill.'' Luke says to Dani who instantly agrees with a nod.


That was code for they were gonna makeout in the club staff room as I awkwardly sat here rejecting every guy who hit on me.

     ''Wanna get out of here?'' Drew ends up saying as Luke prepares the drinks, I laugh at his joke.

     ''Want me to send them up?'' Luke asks Drew and Drew gives him a $50, ''Tell the guy with the blue suit that i'm going back to my suite.'' Luke nods, smiling as he takes the tip, ''Thanks man. You look so familiar.''


     ''I'm here all the time.'' He quickly answers and Luke goes to deliver the drinks.

     ''I was serious by the way. Your friends about to ditch you anyway, we can have a good time. I'm staying at the Foxton, The bar at my hotel has a skyline view and I don't wanna go alone.''

     ''Brooklyn?'' Dani asks, putting her hand on my knee but all I do is giggle with a sip of my drink, instead of attempting to deal with me she turns to Drew.


     ''You're a rich guy who wears a cap and glasses in a blacked out club. Who can afford a suite at the Foxton. Give me one reason why I should let her go with you.'' Dani challenges him, crossing her arms.

     ''I'm a decent guy just looking for company...'' Something caught his attention above us, on the VIP second floor, ''And because i'm friends with that guy over there.'' Drew points up to the VIP section - where Drake, the fucking rapper waves down at him and within three seconds Dani goes running. some friend.


     Pushing past the shock of seeing the guy Dani has posters off all over her room and who I had to hear every day that Dani had control of the aux cord in my car.

     ''You think I care if you're friends with Drake?'' I scoff, ''I was sold at the skyline view.'' I smirk, attempting to stand from the stool to which Drew had to steady me, ''Let's go, I'll get my driver to pick us up out back.''

''So by just being Drake's friend you get a driver and suite, he seems like a great person.'' I slur on, the alcohol making me having a bad case of word vomit, ''I bet he's exactly who everyone says he is. He's the only artist I can tolerate.'' Drew gives me a chuckle as we make our way out, ''Yeah me too. The rest are complete idiots.''





Hey guys! Hope you like this story so far. Comment below a name and i'll include the character into the story!! Hope you stick around, much more to come.




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