The McMichaels 3 - Poppy

Michael and Bob want another daughter, one as good as Lola but who they chose changed so much they're not sure if that's who they chose...


1. Poppy

Lola woke up at 5 o’clock to get everything ready for her first day of school. She looked in her new school bag and saw inside it was a pencil case, lunchbox, calculator, umbrella for emergencies, waterproof trousers (for emergencies,) pukka pad and an atlas.

She knew she didn’t need all of these things but she wanted to be careful and prepared.

She read a book The tail of Lord Tomson and at 6o’clock she heard Michael and Bob’s door open. She put her book in her bag and walked out of her room to see Bob walking out of his room.

‘What breakfast do you want honey,’ Bob asked.

‘I can do my own breakfast if you want me to,’ she said, calmly.

‘You sure,’ Bob said, looking down at his little, amazing child.

‘Yes, Do you want me to make you breakfast?’ Lola asked.

‘It’s okay.’

‘No seriously, I don’t mind.’

‘Alright,’ Bob said in a nice calm way.

While Lola when to make 3 slices of jam on toast (two for Bob one for herself,) Bob went to Michael and woke him up.

‘What would you like?’ Michael asked, half awake.

‘Don’t you think we should get another child,’ Bob asked.

‘Another what now?’ Michael asked.

‘Child. Because Lola’s such a good child so I think we should get another girl for her to poly with or hang out with. Do you agree?’ Bob asked.

‘Yeah,’ Michael said.

‘We can get one today while Lola’s at school I’ll ask her now and_’

‘Dad breakfast is ready,’ Lola shouted up the stairs.

‘Talking about good timing,’ Michael said, going back to sleep.

Bob went downstairs ate his breakfast with Lola and they both got ready but today Bob had a day off work to adopt another child but first he wanted to ask Lola a question.

‘Would you like an adopted sister?’ Bob asked Lola.

Lola nodded, half way though eating her toast.

While Lola went to school, Bob and Michael set off to Edvelly Children’s home. On the way to the car Michael saw his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, and Rachel said, ‘Michael I need to tell you something about when we split _’

‘Can this wait till tomorrow?’ Bob asked.

‘Yeah, I guess,’ Rachel said, ‘well see you tomorrow.’ Rachel walked past Michael and Bob’s house and Michael and Bob got in the car.

‘Because Lola’s only 7 years old I think we should get a nice 10-year-old so the age difference isn’t too big, what do you think?’ Bob asked, closing the car door.

‘Yeah, that’s a clever idea,’ Michael said, closing his door.

They drove to Edvelly Children’s home talking on the way meanwhile Lola, at school, went to her first lesson which was English.

‘Hello everyone, we have a new student today,’ the teacher said, ‘Lola please come to the front please.’

Lola walked to the front of the classroom in her new Primary school. The walls of the classroom were a light orange with words and work for help and inspiration. The one thing that caught Lola’s eye was a poster with ‘STOLEN BOY CALLED HAROLD,’ in the middle of the poster. As she was walking to the front she saw more posters that said things like that, like: ‘Harold the stolen poor boy,’ ‘HAROLD HAS BEEN STOLEN,’ and ‘If you find this boy phone_’

Lola didn’t see the rest because she was interrupted from the teacher, who was saying, ‘Everyone this is Lola, I want you all to be nice to her because it’s hard to start in the middle of the year so_’

‘Why are you so late to this school?’ a boy asked rudely, as if he was annoyed she wasn’t at this school from the start.

‘She doesn’t need_’

‘It’s fine Mrs, I don’t mind saying,’ Lola said.

‘Well,’ the boy said, impatiently.

‘Last week something happened, someone_’

‘GET ON WITH IT,’ the boy said, loudly, impatiently and rudely, wanting to get to the bottom of it, and to get to the bottom of it now.

‘Well, two men called Michael and Bob ad_’


‘The story would have been finished now if you didn’t interrupt, now interrupt on more time and you’ll have a 5-minute time-out,’

Time-outs in this school were the amount of time they would have outside the classroom; but Lola didn’t know that.

‘Carry on Lola,’ the teacher said, nicely turning to Lola.

‘So, two men called Michael and Bob adopted me last week so this is the first time I’ve had in a school in the adoption place I was at they taught you in your room.

‘Lucky,’ the boy said quietly.

‘It wasn’t lucky, I felt left out because I barely met anyone but my cooker and teacher, that was everyone I know,’ Lola said, talking to the floor.

‘YOU’RE ADOPTED,’ the boy said, before he could stop himself.

‘That’s it OUT,’ the teacher said and the boy stayed where he was.

‘Benny, OUT,’ the teacher said, she sounded annoyed and she was pointing to the boy then at the door but her eyes were fixed on Benny, who was the boy that kept interrupting.

‘Who me?’ Benny asked, ‘I thought you were against people who were adopted.’ Benny didn’t know but everyone knew he knew the teacher was talking to him and no one seemed impressed by how cheeky he was being except from his friends who were high-fiving him from each side, saying, ‘good one bro,’ and ‘nice.’

‘Yes you, now you have a 10-minute time-out, go,’ she said and everyone watched as Benny stood up and walked out the classroom saying, ‘thanks new goodie-two-shoe,’ and he left.

‘Where should I sit?’ Lola asked, looking at the teacher.

‘Urm… Does anyone sit next to you Jerry?’ the teacher asked a student near the back.

‘Yes, Amelia does but she’s sick, at home,’ Jerry said.

‘Are you fine with sitting next to Benny, Lola,’ the teacher asked, not knowing Benny was listening in to the conversation.

‘I don’t mind,’ Lola said and the teacher walked her to a seat in the first row, next to the seat where Benny was being rude to Lola. Lola sat down meanwhile Michael and Bob got to Edvelly Children’s home and they walked inside.

‘Hello again,’ the receptionist said, ‘You’re Michael and you’re… Bob,’

‘Yes, well done, it was quite a while ago what we were here but you e=remembered our names,’ Bob said, ‘We’re looking for another daughter, please,’

‘Okay, here’s all of the children here, so chose which one you would like,’ the receptionist said, giving them the same poster as before with faces above a small fact file about each child there but this time ¾ of them were crossed out, saying that child’s been adopted.

The first was a picture of a sweet looking-girly-girl called Poppy and the fact file for her was


Name: Poppy Smith

Age: 8

Loves: Barbie’s, pink and Singing

Dislikes: Chores, football and reading

Allergy: none

Sibling(s): none


‘She sounds good,’ Bob said, pointing Poppy out.

‘One problem with her was that’s only two years out-dated,’ the receptionist said, looking at where Bob was pointing at, ‘Do you still want to adopt her?’

‘Yeah, I mean like how much can someone change in 2 years,’ Bob said, ‘What do you think Michael?’

‘Yeah, we should adopt her.’

‘Okay,’ she said and she pressed down a button to speak to the members of staff and she told them to get Poppy.

Who came in was a girl no one excepted apart from the receptionist.

The girl that came in looked like a half punk, she wore a blacktop with a grey skull on it and small rips in her black trousers; her makeup was mainly black; she had black eyeshadow with hints of sparkly grey on the inner corner of the eye, black lipstick, black mascara and black liquid eyeliner. She had a choker on her neck and black and white pearls on her choker.

‘Hello, do you know Poppy Smith,’ Michael asked this half punk girl.

‘I am Poppy Smith,’ said the punk girl.

Bob looked at the receptionist and the receptionist said, ‘I told you it was out of date, two years out of date.’

‘What the poster, oh yeah they haven’t redone it since I was like 8. Who knew how much someone could change in 2 years,’ Poppy said.

‘Sign here, here and here to adopt Poppy,’ she said pointing to three places Bob and Michael needed to sign.

Michael and Bob signed all the places and all three of them went in the car to go home meanwhile Lola was starting her third lesson, which was maths. So, after break she went to her normal teacher, Mrs Figg and Mrs Figg said, ‘Lola you don’t need to worry about your classroom because you’re in here with me. Just wait at the front here ‘til everyone’s here then I’ll put you in a sensible desk.

When everyone came in Mrs Figg told Lola to sit next to a girl called Rebecca, who had short brown hair.

When Bob and Michael got home, Bob made all three of them lunch and they all ate it as Lola had her packed lunch at school. Poppy went on her phone after her lunch and Bob went on his Computer At the same time as Lola started her last lesson.

‘Poppy, you have a week until you’ll be starting school,’ Bob said, looking on his computer, while on the two-seat sofa and Poppy sat on the three-seat sofa. The third seat is for guests… or it was.

Bob did his work; Michael watched traffic (as it was his hobby) and Poppy texted her friends she met in the adoption place and them too have been adopted for one hour then Lola walked home from school.

How’s your first day?’ Bob asked Lola when she got home.

‘It was fun,’ Lola said, she looked at Poppy and said, ‘Hello, I’m Lola, what’s your name?’

Poppy looked up at Lola ‘I’m Poppy,’ she looked at her new fathers ‘Is she your other daughter, Lola?’

‘Yes, you’re both Michael any my daughters,’ Bob said, ‘Poppy, on your week off we’ll do something fun,’

On Monday and Tuesday, Lola went to school, Bob went to work and Poppy was left home with her dad Michael but Michael’s so silly he sometimes acts like a silly 5-year-old so today Poppy stayed home playing on her phone, just like if she were alone because Michael was outside treating people driving as a race shouting things like ‘Go blue car,’ ‘you can do it red,’ and ‘Black, don’t be late to… wherever you’re going.’

On Wednesday day, Lola met up with her family at the green fair where they played games and tried competitions. Lola won a brown teddy bear, a bow n’ arrow and a pukka pad and Poppy won a bow n’ arrow, a nerf gun, nerf gun target and a packet of sweets.

On Thursday, after Lola got home from school, Bob drove them all to Tenpin bowling and they had two bowling games and dinner there in the middle of their two games. On the first game, Bob won; Poppy was second; Lola was first and Michael was last. On the second game, Bob won; Lola was second Poppy was third and Michael was last. On both games, Lola and Poppy were very similar and very close.

On Friday, after school the family went out for dinner and Bob made a toast, ‘to the best two girls Michael and I could ask for. The best and the only children we’ll have.’ They all pushed their glasses together and said, ‘cheers.’

What Bob said was a lie but no one knew that…

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