Going Back.

Minerva Mc Gonagle hasn't seen any of her school friends properly for over 40 years and, to be quite honest, she's scared to.
Eileen Prince, on the other hand, has had enough. She's sick of laying down her life for people and everyone keeps breaking their promises.
Lyell Lupin is back at the Ministry Of Magic, working in the Werewolf Registry office to gain the revenge on Fenrir Greyback he should have had thirty-three years ago. But Voldemort, as he has full control of Eileen Prince, is determined to stop the three of them reuniting, and decides to snatch a friend, confront an enemy, and fiddle with the clocks a bit, causing the unexpected to happen...But has Voldemort made a mistake?


2. The Visitor - Part 2.

 Harry turned around in his seat, and stared. He couldn't for the life of him work out why Hermione had reacted like that. The person was just a woman. An intimidating woman, he would give her that.

But, really, there was nothing that startling about the previously hooded woman's appearance. She was tall, and thin, with a  long, hooked nose and a sour expression, but, aside from that, there was nothing about the woman that gave Harry any sort of jolt of recognition, or anything.

Opposite Harry and Hermione, Ron gave an impatient snort, as he, too, turned around to get a better view of the dark-haired woman, but a second later it had turned into one of shock. "Argh!!!" 

Harry looked at him, "What?"

Ron stared at Harry in disbelief "Wha' d'ya mean, 'What?'"

Harry shook his head, puzzled.

"She's a Death Eater!!!" Hissed Ron, as though this was the obvious.

"And? We've faced Death Eaters before, haven't we?"

"Yes, Harry, we have, but not her." Whispered Hermione through her fingers, which were clamped over her mouth.

But Harry still didn't understand; Who was this woman???

As if she had read what he was thinking, Hermione pulled a piece of paper from her pocket, smoothing it out so that he could see it. Immediately, Harry saw it was a torn-out, yellowed with age, newspaper cutting out of the Daily Prophet. Leaning closer, Harry read the headline:


Eileen Prince, a well respected member of the pure-blood wizarding society, who, only last year, married to muggle Tobias Snape, has been taken into custody about You-Know-Who. Prince, who was captain of the very popular Hogwarts Gobstones Club during her time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was a proud Slytherin, true to her house, and one of, if not the only, original female supporter of the young, ultimately evil, Lord- Well we don't really want to say his name, do we?

The Twenty-year-old woman was, after a quick sweep of her dump of a home, in which she inhabited alongside her muggle husband in Spinner's End, Cokesworth, escorted to the Minestry for Magic first thing yesterday morning. Prince was then visited by none other than  Deputy-Head of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore, after a rather intense discussion whith his ex-pupil, then turned and was perfectly happy to give our reporters his opinions. "Eileen was a rather remarkable student at Hogwarts, although she did have a cirtain habit of standing in dark corners with her arms folded and a scowl upon her face. However, I do believe that it is rather unfair that she has to deal with an awful lot of rumors about her being both female and being on good terms with what could, quite possibly, be the most evil male wizard of all time, if you get my drift..."

Dumbledore's opinions have, of course, always been dear to the wizarding world, but the fact that he is defending someone like Eileen Prince, a strange, sullen young lady, who chooses to keep rather 'different' company.

Mr Abraxas Malfoy, another Slytherin who was at school with Prince, calls her "a disgusting, blood-traiterous brat who clearly doesn't know anything about, quite literally, anything to do with the importent things in pure-blood wizarding society."

Mr Malfoy, a member of the Minestry himself, then went on to discuss werevolves, and the press moved back to look at the information Prince is supposed to be carrying about You-Know-Who.


for more on the story please turn to pages five and six.



Harry finished reading and looked up at Ron and Hermione. Neither of them seemed that surprised about what they had just read.

Neville, who had been reading the article over Harry's shoulder, said "Snape? Tobias Snape? But that's.... What.... She's...." he struggled for words for a moment or two, before leaning around Dean to get a clearer veiw of the staff table.

"Congratulations, Longbottom." Said an icy voice infront of them. "It looks like you've finally figured something out."

Harry and Neville looked up, Ron and Hermione turned around. Neville went pink.

The voice, Harry realized, sounded strangely familiar and so did the attitude. Slowly, between the article and this intimidating woman, he began to put two and two together. Eileen Prince.


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