Going Back.

Minerva Mc Gonagle hasn't seen any of her school friends properly for over 40 years and, to be quite honest, she's scared to.
Eileen Prince, on the other hand, has had enough. She's sick of laying down her life for people and everyone keeps breaking their promises.
Lyell Lupin is back at the Ministry Of Magic, working in the Werewolf Registry office to gain the revenge on Fenrir Greyback he should have had thirty-three years ago. But Voldemort, as he has full control of Eileen Prince, is determined to stop the three of them reuniting, and decides to snatch a friend, confront an enemy, and fiddle with the clocks a bit, causing the unexpected to happen...But has Voldemort made a mistake?


1. The Visitor - Part 1.

 The doors of the Great Hall slammed open, sending Argus Filch flying as a tall, hooded figure marched through them. The visitor's footsteps making contact with the floor, caused a hush to fall over the eating students of Hogwarts, all, of which, were halfway through dinner. The stride was purposeful and bossy, rather like McGonagle's, except it had a terribly menacing edge, turning the walk, Harry thought, into something rather like Snape's. Harry glanced up at the staff table, Ron and Hermione, meanwhile, watched the hooded person making their way towards Dumbledore, who sat in his golden chair, fingers steepled together, smiling as though he knew perfectly well that the figure was coming and wanted nothing more than to sit and see his guest forever. But Harry was not paying too much attention to the headmaster.Instead, Harry's eye's found the potions master. Severus Snape looked on with a hatred, a hatred that Harry Potter was all too familiar with as it was the look which Snape usually reserved solely for Harry. But there was something else in those glittering black eyes that Harry loathed, something that looked like pain. 

And that's when the person whom Snape appeared, along with almost every other person in the room, to be watching, the menacing, cloaked person, lowered the black hood.


Hermione let out a small scream...

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