The McMichaels 2 - Lola

Michael and Bob want a child so they go to a Children's home and adopt a girl called Lola


1. Lola

Michael woke up on a summers day to see Bob (his boyfriend) putting boxes into their bed room

‘What are you doing?’ Michael asked, watched Bob come in with 3 big cardboard boxes in his hands and sweat running down his forehead.

‘I’m bringing our stuff in our new home,’ Bob said dropping the boxes on the bed, ‘You said you would help me.’

‘I meant I would help you if I was bothered to get up.’

Bob rolled his eyes and looked at Michael with a are-you-serious face.

‘Let’s adopt a cheetah,’ Michael said looked at the right of Bob.

‘Wha-what made you think of adopting a cheetah?’ Bob asked, falling on the bed, exhausted from all the boxes he’s carried for 2 hours ago, waiting for Michael to wake up.

‘There, it says adopt a cheetah, make a kid happy,’ Michael said, pointing to a banner outside.

Bob looked at the banner. It read:


‘Do you have an extra room in you flat/apartment/house?

Do you have spare money to give to the needy?


Well why not go to Edvelly Childrens home

Adopt a child

Make a kid happy

We hope you chose to adopt 1 or more children.


To adopt a child, go to 65 Sicona way or call 072256825724

Thank you’


‘Oh, adopt a child,’

‘Yeah, a cheetah,’

‘No, a child,’

‘A what-now,’

‘A Ch-i-ld’

‘A chilled?’

‘No, a child,’

Yes, a camel,’


‘what?’ Michael asked.

Bob looked at Michael.

‘It said child and children as in kids,’

‘ohhhhh, kids,’

‘yes,’ Bob said. He then fell back onto his bed he shares with Michael.

‘Can we adopt a child?’ Michael asked, looking at Bob.

‘Why? we have just got a flat together,’ Bob said, sitting up, ‘At least let me relax for a while and then I’ll chose but Michael I’m sure I’m going to say no,’


‘I can’t believe you talked me into doing this,’ Bob said.

‘Well… you knew I wanted to do this so much,’ Michael said.

‘Next,’ a man said. The man was behind a counter in Michael favourite restaurant called M.pDonald.

‘What’s wrong with M.pDonald?’ Michael asked.

‘The burgers taste like cardboard, pizzas taste like card, the chips taste like paper and the sauces are the best parts,’ Bob said, quietly, making sure no one would hear him.

‘Next,’ the man said and everyone walked forwards in the line.

‘Well… I like the taste. Oh, do you want to adopt a child?’ Michael asked remembering their conversation before.

‘Alright, we can but we need some rules and I’ll write_’

‘Next,’ the man shouted and the line moved forwards again.

and I’ll write them in my notepad in my car when we go in it again,’ Bob said.

‘Okay,’ said Michael.

‘Next,’ the man said and Bob and Michael found themselves at the front of the queue.

Now that Michael and Bob were at the front they could see the man much more. He had a stubble of a goatee, a white chef’s hat, messy, unclean, unkempt hair which turned every way it could like snake slithering in a tied knot, red and white outfit with “M.P.D,” on his T-shirt and a name tag on the right of his top saying “Toby.”

‘What would you like?’ the man said.

‘Could we have 2 burgers, the first one with your new sauce on it and_’ he turned to look at Michael

What sauce would you like?’ he asked Michael.

‘Could I have tomato sauce please,’ Michael said.

‘Okay,’ the man said. He walked to the room outside the kitchen and resaid Michael and Bob’s order to the cookers.

After 10 minutes Toby came in with 2 minutes later holding a bag with their order inside it.

‘Here you go,’ Toby said and he gave Bob the bag.

Bob and Michael walked in the car, ate their lunch and went to Edvelly Children’s home to get a child. When they got to Edvelly Children’s home they went to the reception.

‘What gender would you like,’ the receptionist asked.

‘We don’t mind but can we see pictures of the students you have please,’ Bob said, pulling Michael to himself several times as Michael was walking away from the reception.

‘Okay here you go,’ she said, pointing at a table next to her, ‘the crossed-out ones mean that they have been adopted.

Michael and Bob looked at the poster of all the children.

‘I think a 7-year-old is a good age, do you Michael?’ Bob asked, looking around the poster faces, half which were crossed out.

‘Yeah,’ said Michael.

There were 8 7-year-olds. The first 7-year-old they saw was called Mia and she had blond, curly hair that went down to her hips; her eyes were navy blue and she had an orange bow in her hair. They read the line about her. It said:


Name: Mia Jones

Age: 7 years old

Loves: YouTube, games and bracelets

Dislikes: chores, work and museums.

Allergy: face paint.

Sibling(s): May and Johnny Jones


‘She doesn’t sound like what I’m looking for,’ Bob said, looking at Michael who shook his head. They looked at the second one who had a picture of a little boy with black hair that had wax, which was slid to the back; his eyes were brown and he had a black and red hat. The fact file for him was:


Name: Joe Binns

Age: 7 years old

Loves: sport, chores and exercise

Dislikes: Staying home, Lazy things and films.

Allergy: water

Sibling(s): none


‘No,’ said Michael, he was so annoyed about this because his favourite hobby was watching cars.

‘He sounds like challenging work,’ Bob said, looking for the next 7-year-old.

The next 7-year-old had straight, blond hair with a pink hairband; her eyes were sea blue and she had quite a lot of freckles. Her fact file said:

Name: Lola Johnson

Age: 7 years old

Loves: helping others, reading and work

Dislikes: upsetting or watching sad people and animals and messy things

Allergy: Nickel (metal)

Siblings: none


‘She sounds like a good child to have,’ Bob said, looking at Michael.

‘Yeah,’ Michael said.

‘So, you would like to have Lola Johnson?’ the receptionist asked, looking from the poster to Michael to Bob.

‘Yeah,’ said Michael.

‘Yes please,’ Bob said, looking at the receptionist, who put a few pieces of paper on her desk.

‘Please sign here, here and here,’ she said pointing to three points of the pieces of paper.

Bob and Michael signed where they needed to sign and a little child was brought in.

The child looked like Lola’s picture on the poster; she had a pink and sky blue dress and black shoes on. Her skin looked as soft as fur.

‘Hello, my name is Lola did someone want me?’ she asked, a little nervously.

‘Yes Michael and Bob are here to adopt you,’ the receptionist said, ‘so go get your things and come back here,’ she said.

5 minutes later

Lola came back with a suitcase of things.

‘Hello Michael, Hello Bob,’ Lola said, when she came back with her things.

‘I think that’s everything Michael and Bob, thanks for adopting a child, come again or tell people how important this is,’ the receptionist said.

Michael, Bob and Lola walked into the car where they drove home.

‘Lola, have you had breakfast?’ Bob asked.

‘Yes, have you,’ Lola said.

‘Yeah,’ Michael said.

Bob drove home and Michael and Lola were in the back talking all the way to their small home. When they got home, Lola saw the house and said, ‘this place looks amazing, is there any chores you want me to do?’

‘Well we’ve just moved in so there’s a load of boxes in here so, you could start to decorate your room if you want,’ Bob said.

They all went in the house and started to decorate rooms.

After 2 days Lola finished her room, helped her new dads’ and did some work for the school she was going to go to in one weeks and Bob and Michael decorated all the rooms in the house.

Lola’s room had pastel pink walls, a desk where her work was, a pink bed two small toys and a wardrobe where she put her clothes. Bob and Michael’s room had white walls, a telescope so Michael can watch cars from his room and so Bob can use for his job, a walk-in-wardrobe, a desk, a PC a white, clean bed, a lamp and a TV. Most of the walls were white; the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, playroom and spare room all had white walls.

Most of the week before Lola starts to go to school, she got to know Bob and Michael, on Friday she got everything ready for school and on Saturday and Sunday, the whole family had day out. On Saturday, they went to the pictures and on Sunday they went bowling. On Sunday evening Michael asked Lola if she had everything ready for school.

‘Yes, thanks dad,’ she said, and she went to school for the first time…

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