The McMichaels 1 Bob

Michael is very unintelligent and makes a load of misunderstandings in a new hotel near his new house which he lives in with his boyfriend, Bob.


1. The hotel

Michael was on his slow scooter, where his belly is so big it comes out of some of the sides. His scooter was so slow that other people can get ahead of his when they are walking. Even slow people can get ahead of Michael. Michael feels his scooter is faster than it is so he always says “rrr rrrr rrr,” went he’s on it. He saw a hotel, while he was scooting, named

‘Mchotel in fun land.’

Michael went to the reception, saw a bell and rang it thinking that’s how you get reception. Michael kept ringing the bell, looked up and saw a sign saying, ‘ring for emergencies.’

Michael looked to the side and saw a strong man with a badge saying ‘Security.’

Michael walked to the reception table and the security followed him. Michael saw a sign that said, ‘ring to be booked.’ He rang the bell, looked behind him, saw the security and pointed to the sign.

The security guard didn’t move.

Michael tried to ring the bell again but it felt longer and it had two small holes at the bottom. Michael looked and it was someone’s nose. Quickly Michael let go and wiped his hands on his shirt.

“Why are you here?” the little man asked. He was the size of a boy the same as Michael but he wasn’t as fat. He had a badge that said ‘manager,’ which made Michael laugh.

“Why are you here?” the little man asked again and Michael pointed to the sign.

“Oh sorry. What’s your name,” the man asked bringing a book to the table.

“Michael,” Michael said, leaning on the table.

The man’s pen ran out and he turned around to get another one.

Michael was so fat that the table he was leaning on fell to pieces. Michael grabbed the top of the table and he looked at the man.

“Sorry what was that?” the man asked.


The man looked at him and said “No, your last name.”

“Oh McMichael,” Michael said.

The man got confused, turned the book with the pen on it and said,

“I don’t think I heard you correct so can you write it please,” The man asked.

Michael put his left leg up to support the top of the table, he took the pen and wrote


“Sorry I can’t read your handwriting either can you tell me please,” the man said, but it was too late Michael had already walked off.

Michael saw a pot full of sweet with a sign that said, ‘help yourself.’ Michael ducked down but it was just like he was laying on a beach ball. He took one, then after a while he stood up and stuffed his hand in the pot and took a lot.

The security man tapped on Michael’s shoulder as Michael was eating one of the lollies and Michael turned around. Quickly Michael realised he was holding all the sweets and he put them in his pocket.

The security guard pointed to the reception and they both walked to the reception table again.

“Can you please tell me what your last name is please?” the man said, putting the pen on the paper.

Michael pointed into his mouth to say he was hungry and the little man said, “You can get food when you’re booked in.” The man saw Michael, who has just walked away again.

Michael walked to a Christmas tree, he took ball balls off it and he looked at them. He got two different ball balls and he threw them on the floor. One smashed and one bounced. The one that bounced, Michael took.

The security guard pointed to the reception and Michael went back to the table and he hid his ball ball in his pocket.

“Okay can you please stay here?” the reception said. He sighed when he saw Michael walk away.

Michael walked to a table with six chairs and six Christmas crackers. Michael opened one of the crackers with a ‘pop.’ Michael saw that in the crackers there was a long brown piece of card, he took out the card in all of them and he put it in the same cracker. He then tried to open one of the crackers he took the brown bit out of and he couldn’t manage to open it. So, he took a weak knife and he tried to cut inside the Christmas cracker, which failed as well.

After a while, Michael realised that he couldn’t open it so he threw all of them on the floor. Four waiters slipped over the four crackers and the food they were holding fell on Michael’s head. Pizzas, ice cream, burgers and a few sundaes fell on top of Michael’s head making it soggy and unconformable. Michael pushed the food off his head and on the floor. Which the security slipped on.


 “Michael what’s your last name?” the reception asked again.


“I said your last name not your first name,” reception said. Then he saw Michael walk off again.

Michael went up to a man with a basket of money. The man said, “This is money for someone in need.”

“Thanks,” Michael said taking £10 from the basket.

The Security went up to Michael and pointed to the reception, once again.

When Michael was next to the reception, the reception saw that he had some of the hotels things in his pocket and he said, “Get Out and give us our stuff.”

Michael ran outside to his scooter, he got on his scooter and he shouted “You’ll never catch me alive.”

The security walked next to Michael and said, “Yes I will.”

At that moment, Bob, Michael’s boyfriend drove to Michael and said “get in.”

Michael put his scooter in the boot, got in the car and said, “This time you’ll never catch me alive.”

Bob stopped at a petrel station very near the hotel.

“Are you serious?” Michael said, looking at Bob.

“Well what did you prefer I got you then petrel or vice versa,” Bob said, putting petrel in the car.

“Yes… I… Will,” the security said, looking in the window.

“On the road again,” Bob said. he turned the car around and said “I bought a house near the nice-looking hotel called urmm… oh yeah Mchotel in a fun land.”

Bob drove to a house opposite the Mchotel, he parked then Bob and Michael walked to the front door.

The security guard went up to the door and said, “None of you two can come back to our hotel until Michael has given us our things back.” The security guard and Bob looked at Michael.

“I saw a pot of sweets with a sign saying, ‘help yourself’ so I took one, I then went to a pot of ball balls that said, have one for free so I took one. I then saw crackers on a table and I thought they were for free so I took one. I then saw a man with money and he said this is for someone in need. I was in need so I took £10 and I thought what a pleasant hotel, then you kicked me out,” Michael said.

The security sighed then said, “You can keep the sweets and the ball ball but give back the Christmas cracker and the £10.”

Bob opened his wallet and said, “I’ll pay for the Christmas cracker.”

Michael and Bob gave the man some money and Michael kindly said, “You open the cracker whatever you get, you keep it. You deserve it.”

The security guard smiled and opened the cracker which opened with a big bang

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