A dream or the truth

Harry comes into his magical and creature inheritance over his third summer and finds a few things out and want's to protect both his true friends the true good side and defeat the Evil lord. while also trying to sort out his budding emotions for a certain potions professor.


1. The Change and Truth Re veiled

Harry woke just before his thirteenth birthday once again alone it seemed he was always alone but it was to be expected wasn't it after all who wanted to be friends with a little freak like him. Harry watched that night as the hands on the clock slowly ticked inching closer and closer to midnight the waning hour the our he was born the hour where dead and alive where at their closest maybe that was why everyone around him always seemed to get hurt. Suddenly Harry gasped his eyes widening  as pain burst deep within his core his body arching up off the bed as it felt like all his formerly broken bones were being re-broke and forced back together each welt on his body each and every single cut re-opening and being sewn back closed with alcohol drenched thread. Eventually Harry passed out the pain to much for even him to handle. Several hours latter he re-awoke and groaned as the last of the agonising healing finished and he blinked as he saw clearer than ever before even though he knew he didn't have his glasses on as recently the glass on the left lens  had been cracked by yet another one of his and Ron fight's had gotten physical. Slowly he stood and wobbled softly at the odd feeling of being taller than he was used to with his malnourished body  had grown only to that of a second year female student. "What happened to me why does my whole body feel better than it ever has before and why does my mind feel like it's trying to show me something but being blocked?" He asked the air and himself in a soft delicate voice.


Voldemort had been washing himself at midnight right as Harry went into his inheritance. He gasped in slight pain as he felt a part of his mind opening up his magic exploding all glass objects within the manor as he saw memories the true memories he started crying. "I tried to kill my own son. I must find him and explain everything to him." He said to himself not knowing whether to wait for the next year so the young vampire and heir of Slytherin came to terms to the new knowledge. He slowly got out of the bath raping his tall, muscular body in a fluffy soft warm towel he dressed into a night robe and lay in bed making the decision to call Severus and all his inner circle to a meeting the next day.  


Severus was making a new type of potion when he felt a shift deep within his dark mark and secretly hoped it wasn't anything bad. Despite what everyone believed in the order he was still very  loyal to Lord Voldemort even if the mans insanity was questionable at points and actions. "I do wounder hat he is doing right now...Probably asleep or getting pampered by those muggles he lived with though he did wounder how it was that Petuina was able to pamper him when she had despised him and Lily for having magic while she didn't.





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