Free to choose

I wrote this poem to a person in my family, hoping it would bring him happiness and joy. Giving him an advice he can take with him forever. Sharing it with as many people as possible, so we all can feel a little better - Knowing that someboby in the world care.


1. Free to choose


A road can be so long, so difficult to see the end of - So many possible paths to choose.

Like a road, life can take us nearly everywhere.

We just have to choose  the one, we can call our own - A road that is not chosen by others. 

Our road can be scary and dark - The light can be hard to find.

Our road can be filled with happiness of those around us.

It can be darkened with sadness and sorrow - But there will always be someone to pull us out of it. 

You have many years to come - You are only 30 years old.

Perhaps you haven't chosen your road yet - But time is something we have much of.

You have all the time in the world.

Your life can have ups and downs.

Friends can come and go - But family stay with you forever. 

You can make all the mistakes - If you just learn from them after. 

We will stand on the sideline, watching and hoping - That you will succeed with your plan. 

You just have to know - That we will always be by your side.   

We don't care which road you choose to follow - Because we will be there with you till the end.

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