Hades - The search

Hades life were perfect till one day where everything went to hell, it was so bad that had he started a war between him and the gods, so Hades had deicide to leave the underworld and went to the human world for a new beginning but it didn't last long, after a while one after another they came trying to kill him.
But there were one positive thing and her name was Phoebe


3. Chapter 2

~~They walked down to the basement were all the rivers were, at the beginning at the basement were there a lot of stairs that went down and you couldn’t see the end of it, Hades lead the way and the 2 others followed him down into the darkness were Betsy had a hold of Hades blouse and Nahuel had Betsy’s arm and the longer they had walked down the more they could see.
The basement was a cave and the only light there where was the light from the rivers, they are in a big circle with a stone path in-between that lead up to a round stone in the middle and each river lead into a cave, In each river were there an old looking boat in dark wood and on the circle stone stood a man in a robe that went over his feet so you couldn’t see them or the rest of his body and his face was covered with a hood and you could only see his mouth.
Hades and the others walked up to the hooded man and when Hades stood right in front of him the hooded man bowed his hole upper body
“Charon, you don’t need to bow, stand-up” he did as he was told and
lifted his upper body up so he stood face to face with Hades
“Where do you want to go” Charon asked
“to Tartarus” Charon mouth opened a little in surprised but closed it as fast as he had opened it, then he just nodded and walked over to the river beside him and walked aboard the boat, Hades walked over to the river but stopped when he saw in the corner of his eye that Betsy and Nahuel were walking towards the boat
“Were do you think you two going” he asked both and they stopped immediately
“What! We’re not going with you?” Nahuel asked
“Both of you are not even allowed to be down here, so what makes you think that you can come with me now”
“I know we’re not allowed down her, but this is an emergency”
“so, this does not mean that both of you can break the rules” Hades said in a cold voice and crossed his arms
“you need us to go with you and you know it” Nahuel yelled, Hades looked mad as hell and that look made Betsy a little unsure about the situation and how it would turn out, but to her relieved Hades had decided to ignore him, he turned around and walked on the boat, Charon began to sail the boat into the black cave leaving them both behind
“So, what do we do now” Nahuel asked and looked at Betsy
“I don’t know about you but I’m going back up before they are coming back” she said while still looking at the cave were Hades and Charon had disappeared into
“Why, don’t you want to see his face when he comes back” he asked sarcastically
“No, he’ll properly throw us in Tartarus”
“Year you’re properly right” he said and walked up the stairs.
Meanwhile on the boat had neither Hades or Charon said a word to each other, Hades sat in the middle and Caron stood at the end and sailed the boat, it went on like that for 20 minutes
“So why were they there?” Charon asked
“They just followed me down there and I was in a hurry so I didn’t care” and that was the end of their conversion, the rest of the way were in
Silence and they had a long way to go before they reach the end.
After a long hour boat ride they had finally reach the end and there was a little harbour at the end of the river, the fire was more violent both on land and in water down in Tartarus, Charon sailed in the harbour and stopped the boat
“We’re here” Charon said in a low voice, Hades looked at him
“year no kidding” Hades said sarcastic and sighed, he walked of the boat and stood on the harbour then he looked at Charon
“You know what to do” he said and Charon nodded
“You have nothing to worry about, from me” Charon smiled and then he laughed while Hades were on his way towards the land.
Hades had walked for a while through the shooting fire but stooped when he came to a big cage where his father and all the other Titans were locked in, every Titan had a black collar around theirs neck with a giant chain attach to the collar, when Hades came closer to the cage he could hear a deep voice laughed
“Haha, look what we have here, well if it isn’t my most delicious son” Cronus, Hades father said when he saw him walking towards the cage, Hades didn’t say a word or even looked at him
“What you’re not gonna say anything to your old dad” he tried again and still Hades wouldn’t look at him, he just walked over to a big rob that were hanging from the siling and pulled it, when he did that a big curtain came flying from both sides of the room and covered up the cage so Hades couldn’t see them anymore but unfortunately he could
still hear them
“What!! Delicious Hades is here?” one of the other Titans said
“Delicious Hades is here?” more voice came asking if he was there
“Wait, wait, what was it now that he tasted like?” another asked
“A little like…...honey” Cronus said
“Honey!! That’s right, it was honey!!” all the others voice said in over earth other, Hades shook his head trying to ignore all the voice but as he did that something in the flames caught his eyes, he couldn’t quite see what it was only that it was long, he walked closer to it but stopped right in front of the flames and he still couldn’t see what it was, he began to have a bad feeling about it.
First, he walked back and forth looking for a way in but there were none, the flames were too high, too hot and even through Hades himself could not be burned his clothes were not fireproof, he sighed again and walked right through the flames that was so hot that his clothes were already gone as soon as he had taking the first step but it didn’t bother him so much to be naked and with his muscular body, his abs and everything else, he didn’t have any reason to be but he was more concerned about what was in the fire, he ran as fast as he could towards the long thing and the closer he got the more he could
see, Hades slowed down and walked over to what looked like a woman, he had this bad feeling about this and as he got closer and closer the feeling grew even worse, he stopped in front of the body and saw that it was Persephone’s body.
Hades fell on his knees with a scared look on his face, it was like his whole body became so heavy that he couldn’t breathe and it were crushing him from the inside and it kept on getting heavier and heavier, tears were coming out of his beautiful gulden eyes as he looked at her beautiful face even through her face was white and cold, she was stile as beautiful as she was alive, he couldn’t hold it in any more he hit the floor in anger till his hands were covered in blood after that he sat for a while looking at the flames while the anger inside him kept on getting worse and as his anger got worse the flames in hell got even bigger and more violent, he carefully stroked her hair a few times while looking at her face before he carefully took her up in his arms and walked out of the flames.
Charon were reading a book called blood magic when he heard footsteps coming closer, he closed the book and put it next to his feet stood up and saw Hades walking towards the boat with something big in his arms and as closer he got, Charon could see that he was naked and so was the woman in his arms, Charon looked closer at the woman’s face and saw that it was Persephone, Charon’s eyes widen a little in surprise, Hades walked on the boat without saying anything and sat down a little violently so the boat rocked from side to side, Charon stood firmly and wasn’t effected by the rocking he just began to take off is robe and gave it to Hades, he took it and put it over Persephone’s naked body, Charon was old and had white short hair, his body looked like a skeleton with skin and he only had pants on
“Then we’re off” Charon said in a small voice and began sailing back to the castle and in all that time Hades held Persephone into himself trying to figure out who did it and why.
After the long boat ride in total silence they had finally reach the beginning of the river Charon docket the boat, Hades stood up as soon as the boat stood still and walked towards the stairs, up the stairs and up to his bedroom, Charon had followed him the whole way and while they had walked up to the bedroom, a few maids had seen them and most of them turned away as soon as they saw them but the rest couldn’t help them self and took a really good at him.
When Hades finally had reach the bedroom he carefully put Persephone down on the bed then the door came flying opened and Betsy ran inside but immediately stooped in the running pose when she saw Hades ass, her eyes widen, her head got Tomato red and her mouth stood a little opened she didn’t knew what to do and when Hades and Charon turned their head to find out who it was she fell face down on the floor
“aww” she cried out louder and sat up rubbing her nose, Charon sighed and walked over to her reaching his hand out to her, Betsy looked up and fell backwards in surprises, she had seen Charon a few times before but never without his robe and it was not a pretty sight because you could see every bone in his body, she was so terrified that her hands began to shake
“Charon here take this” Hades said and handed him his robe
“Thanks” he replied and put it back on while walking out of the room, Hades took some pants on, walked over to the bed and sat next to Persephone and took the quilt over her body so it looked like she was sleeping, Betsy came up from the floor and walked over to Hades but when she saw Persephone her hands flew up to her mouth.

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