Hades - The search

Hades life were perfect till one day where everything went to hell, it was so bad that had he started a war between him and the gods, so Hades had deicide to leave the underworld and went to the human world for a new beginning but it didn't last long, after a while one after another they came trying to kill him.
But there were one positive thing and her name was Phoebe


2. Chapter 1

Every morning a round 4am, Hades went out for a run around hell to keep himself in shape. When he came back to the castle Betsy attacked him with things that had to be done
“Sir, we have 2560 souls that needs to be judge, and we need to look at Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, it seems that something big is blocking it and one of the souls have escaped, oh and your brother Zeus have send a letter, properly saying that he wants his daughter back. Again” she said without taking a breath, Hades had been listing but at the same time he couldn’t help thinking, I know she is dead and all, but doesn’t she need to take a breath?
“I’ll look at it all, but first I’m going to take a shower and wake up my beautiful wife” he said and walked away from Betsy,
“But sir” she yelled after him, Hades didn’t look back and walked up to his bedroom where he took off his clothes, went into the bathroom and took a shower.
20 minutes after a hot and steamed shower came Hades out of the bathroom with his abs and a towel around his hips,and walked over to the bed to wake up his wife but she wasn’t there, he scratches the top of his head, huh, she’s already up, that’s unusual? Maybe she’s down in the dining hall getting something to eat?
Hades took some clothes on and walked down to the dining hall, but there were no one around then he walked over to the library but she wasn’t there either, he began to worry
“Betsy” he yelled.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Betsy stood by the stove and were making pancakes for Hades wife’s breakfast, there were some grapes at the side, a glass of milk and some tea, she was in the middle of making the last pancake and boiling water for tea when Nahuel came into the kitchen
“Hello Betsy, have anything for me today” Betsy looked up and couldn’t help but laughed at him, his hair was tiger orange with black strips in it, his hair was long and stopped at his hip and he always had it tied up in a braid, Betsy put the last pancake over on the stack of pancakes
“No, this is for Hades wife, so keep your fingers to yourself” she slapped his hand when he reaches out for a pancake
“Ow, why so mean” he asked
“Because it’s not for you” but all he did was laugh, then his face change like he just remembered something
“Oh year, Hades is looking for you”
“What! why didn’t you say anything earlier?” she yelled and with a flash she was out of the kitchen Betsy came running as fast as she could, mostly because she didn’t think when she ran out of the kitchen and now she is running around the castle looking for Hades.
After a while looking for Betsy, Hades decided to go to the bathroom and looking for one were much easier than finding Betsy, Hades had been in the bathroom for about 1 minute when the door flew up and little Betsy stood in the door way with big eyes and a face that was so red that she could glow in the dark,
“Do you mind?” he asked and she closed the door slowly, Betsy couldn’t believe what she just had done, how were she able to look him in the eyes, how could she even be around him? Hades came out after 30 seconders and Betsy face was still red
“Sorry sir” she looked down in shame “But when I heard that you were looking for me, I didn’t think, I just had to find you” He looked at her with a smirk and shook his head
“I don’t mind, as long as you liked what you saw” he teased her and her face got even redder if that were even possible, but his teasing didn’t last long he had to find his wife
“Have you seen Persephone?” he asked, Betsy looked up as fast as she could and with a, what, face
“Persephone?” she asked a bit confused
“Yes, have you seen her?” he asked and looked desperately her in the eyes
“I’m sorry sir, no. I thought she were in her bed?” Hades deeply sighed and ran his fingers through his long curly black hair that stopped at his shoulders
“Find her” his voice was now dark and angry “Tell everyone to find her” he yelled, Betsy ran as fast as she could and everyone she met on her way back to the kitchen, she told them to look for Persephone and as soon as she had they ran immediately looking for her.
Betsy ran through the kitchen doors and the first thing she saw was a lot of black smoke like something was on fire and there was a figure but she couldn’t see who it was, the figure went back and forth from the sink to the stove
“What the hell did you do to my kitchen!” the figure stopped by the stove and Betsy walked into the smoke expecting the worst, but when she got closer she could see that it was Nahuel
“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, Nahuel shrug and looked down on the pan with something black in it
“Coking” he answered in a small voice, Betsy looked in the pan and tilted her head a little to the right side
“Coking what?”
Betsy busted into laughter but began to cough because of all that smoke
“Open the windows, and you are never allowed to touch anything in this kitchen ever again!” she yelled, both ran over to the windows and opened them, Betsy looked around for something that could get the smoke out faster, she found a dish cloth and began waving the cloth back and forth towards the window and Nahuel tried to do the same but it didn’t help at all
“What if we just waited for the smoke clear up and leave the kitchen” Nahuel asked, Betsy looked over at him, well the figure of him
“Sure, why not” Nahuel and Betsy walked out and walked down the hallway towards the throne room.
Hades sat on his throne with his head resting on his hand and 2 maids stood in front of him, he did not look happy
“Have you found her yet?” he asked, the 2 maids looked down on the floor and just by looking at them you could see that they were scared
“No sir, we’re still looking” the one on the left said in a small shaking voice
“Then what are you still doing here, go look for her” he yelled angry and the 2 maids ran out of the big double doors just when Betsy and Nahuel were about to walk in
“Is it a bad time?” Nahuel asked while they walked towards Hades throne
“No” Hades sighed and got up from the throne, he walked down the stairs that only had 5 steps and stood in front of them both, he frustrated pulled his fingers through his hair and sighed one more time
“Nahuel, have you seen her?” he asked but Nahuel slowly shook his head, Hades sighed again
“Has all the rivers been looked through?” Betsy asked
“Yes, all of them and everywhere in the castle, outside the castle and the entire underworld!” Hades started speaking in a normal voice and at the end he was yelling so loud that the hole castle could hear him,
“Also, Tartarus?” Nahuel asked with his fingers touching his chin, Hades looked at him and walked over to a little table with glasses and a bottle of whisky on it. He took 3 glasses and poured some whisky up, he took the 2 glasses over to Betsy and Nahuel, Nahuel took one but Betsy wasn’t sure about it.
She had never tasted alcohol before so she hesitated to take the glass, Hades didn’t seem to mind her hesitation, his hand were still in front of her and he kept it there, Betsy looked at his hand with the glass but she couldn’t seem to take it, it was there Nahuel couldn’t stand watching her anymore so he took her hand up to the glass and made her take it
“There you go” he said with a smirk and looked into Betsy’s bright blue eyes
“But” she began but Hades and Nahuel interrupted her before she could finish 
“Just take it” they both yelled, Betsy looked at the glass of whisky and took it with shaking hands
“But…” Betsy tried again to protest
“Just take a sip” Nahuel said in a playful way and smash his elbow into her side
“Aw!” she yelled “Okay, Okay I’ll do it!” she took the glass slowly up to her lips and took a little sip, when the whisky landed on her tongue it burned like the flames of hell, she took her hands over her mouth, like that was going to help, Nahuel was laughing so hard that he couldn’t breath and almost lost his balance while doing it, Hade’s walked calmly over to Betsy with a glass of milk and gave it to her, she took it as fast as she could with her free hand and drank it, when she was done she looked up at Hades with grateful eyes
“Thank you” she said in a hoarse voice, Hades nodded and took both glasses from her hands and walked over to the table to put them down
“Where did you get the milk from?” Nahuel asked from the floor
 “Where do you think?” he asked
“The kitchen?”
“Wow you smart today” Nahuel looked furies when he said that and were about to say something back
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Betsy yelled “Before you two kill each other, we have to find Persephone, after that go ahead” Hades and Nahuel never looked at Betsy once while she was yelling
“Your right, sorry” Nahuel said, Betsy knew that if Nahuel had said something back there, he would be dead by now and Hades said nothing, well because he’s Hades
“Now get up and let’s go find Charon” Hades commanded and began walking towards the door, Betsy helped Nahuel up from the floor and ran after Hades but he was walking so fast that the two others had to run to keep up with him.

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