Pokemon Yellow Origins

This is the story of Red but with a Pikachu


3. The road to Viridian City!

Red:(Narration) After getting my starter Pikachu and greatly losing to Blue I make my way to Route 1 while going through I encountered wild Pidgey"s and Rattata's because of that my Pikachu learns Tail Whip! and now i've made my way through i'm now in Viridian City!

Red: So this is Viridian

(Red sees 2 buildings a one with a Red roof and another with a Blue roof)

Red: Heal your Pokemon here in the Pokemon center

Red: Well my Pikachu seems hurt well let's go

Nurse Joy: Welcome to the Pokemon center would you like to heal your Pokemon

Red: OK Sure!

(Red sees a PC and opens it finding Prof.Oak)

Prof.Oak: Oh hi Red!

Red: Hi Professor

Prof Oak: So I thought you and Blue were together?

Red: Nah he ran off when he saw a Pidgey

Prof Oak: Oh! what a waste of his time

Red: Yeah!

(They both laughed hard)

Nurse Joy: Red

(Red says goodbye to Prof.Oak and runs to Nurse Joy)

Nurse Joy: I'm happy to say your Pokemon is fighting fit.We hope to see you again

Red: Thanks

Red(Narration): Well now that I'm done with that place i should try the blue roof)

Red: Well Pikachu shall we go there

(Pikachu shook his head but still comes along with Red)

Red: Oh Pikachu still dosen't like me

(Red and Pikachu runs to the building with the blue roof)

Store Manager: Oh did you come from Pallet?

(Red nods)

Store Manager: My name is Will can you bring this to the Professor?

Red: Sure Will,what's in here?

Will: It's a parcel for Prof.Oak

Red: OK I'll take it to him

Will: Thanks! say to the Professor I said hi!

Red(Narration): Now that I'm on my way back I should probably borrow a map for the reigon?

Red: Oh it's a Pidgey! Pikachu Thundershock

Pikachu: Pikapikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(The Pidgey faints and Pikachu gains a lot of experience)

Red: Whew that was close!

(Red finally comes back to Pallet)

Red: Professor!

Prof.Oak: Red!

Red: I have a delivery for you

Prof Oak: Oh it's the custom Pokeball I ordered thanks!

Blue: Gramps! what did you call me for?

Prof.Oak: I have a request for you two

(Red is shocked by the request by the Professor)

To be continued...


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